Building A Perfume Wardrobe

One of the beauty items that defines being a pulled together grown-up woman to me is perfume. First, you discover body spray, scented lotions, and the like, and then one day, you decide you’re adult enough to wear real perfume. It’s a glamorous addition to your daily beauty routine and always reminds me of women in old movies sitting at their vanities fabulously applying a bit of perfume to their wrists and necks. And it’s that bit of glamour that has kept me applying perfume each and every day whether I’m just going to work or out for a romantic dinner.


There are a few ways to approach perfume in your beauty routine. Some people prefer to have one signature scent that they wear day in and day out. Others prefer to have a few favorite scents that each serve a different purpose. And then there are even other ways to use scent in your style – I remember a blogger once mentioning that she buys a new signature scent whenever she goes on a big trip so that the smell will always take her back.

I prefer to have go-to scents for every occasion. The perfume I wear when I have an evening out isn’t the same one I’ll spritz on for a casual day of running errands. While I may not have just one signature scent, I’m still creating a perfume wardrobe that defines moments by a particular scent.




The perfumes above are the ones that make up my perfume wardrobe. I used to keep every perfume sample I got with every Sephora order – and that’s actually how I initially discovered a couple of these scents – but, now, I stick to these fragrances and these fragrances only (update: I discovered Burren Perfumery’s Winter Woods while in Ireland and now that’s my absolute favorite, it’s even what I wore on our wedding day).


  • Atelier Cologne Vanille Insensée: This is my daily go-to perfume. I use it anytime I’m headed to run errands or work or just hanging around the apartment. It’s a woodsy vanilla that isn’t the least bit sweet – it’s actually a unisex cologne. I’ve been wearing it on its own lately, but often in the summer, I’ll layer it with Atelier’s Orange Sanguine.
  • Tocca Margaux: I’ll admit, sometimes I like a scent that has a bit of an “old lady” vibe, and this perfume from Tocca is one of those. It’s the combination of gardenia, vanilla, jasmine, and musk that I absolutely love and it has major staying power. I love this scent for any time I’m getting dressed up.
  • Jo Malone Peony and Blush Suede: Funny enough, I actually tried this perfume when it first came out because the name sounded right up my alley – a blend of floral and warm scents – and I absolutely hated it. Well, things change, and a year or so later, I gave it another shot. Now, this is my fragrance for all casual social events from brunches to girls’ nights. Update here: I actually ended up hating it again and sold it…so yeah?!
  • Clean Reserve Blonde Rose: Another floral musk, this one with a bit of powder to it, I use this perfume interchangeably with the Jo Malone scent. It’s a wonderful scent for everyday occasions, and it’s even better layered with the Clean Reserve Sueded Oeud, which I have in a sample and need to invest in.

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