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Happy Monday from Texas! Adam and I were planning a trip to Austin to see his family and since it’s seriously more expensive to fly to Texas than to fly to Europe, we ended up doing a Thursday 6 AM flight there and a Tuesday 6 PM flight back – which, since I need to save my PTO for big trips later this year, means I’ve been working from Austin. Currently, I’m sitting in a coffee shop up the road from my future in-laws (do I just go ahead and call them in-laws now?) and loving the laid back vibe here.


It’s not an exaggeration to say everyone seems so much more relaxed than in DC. Both Thursday and Friday after we wrapped up work for our east coast time zone jobs, Adam and I walked on the hike and bike trail downtown and I couldn’t believe how many people were out there already at 4 PM. There just seems to be so much more balance than in DC where we’re all running to fit in a workout class for efficiency rather than taking the time to truly enjoy physical activity. Not that I don’t enjoy my barre classes, but it’s definitely part of a go go go mentality that we thrive on in DC. I was discussing this with a good friend of mine who moved here from DC with her Texan husband and while we’re not sure we could ever totally leave our east coast Type A tendencies behind, we can definitely appreciate this lifestyle.



Eating. Mostly just a lot of eating. Barley Swine blew me away with its creative small plates. I ate way too much Italian at the delicious downtown Red Ash. Of course, I’ve had more than my fair share of breakfast tacos and barbecue. I’ve checked out a few coffee shops – I’d highly recommend the bright and airy space at Stonehouse Coffee.

We also spent an afternoon exploring East Austin where I went home with a couple eclectic vintage purchases from Charm School Vintage and Olive. Somehow I ended up with both grandma chic and flamboyant Vegas in one day’s finds. After shopping we kicked back at Zilker Brewing where I continued my affair with sour beers.

Also, this outfit? A J.Crew striped shirt, no surprise, rag + bone jeans, Target sunglasses, this amazing Knomo convertible backpack, and my trusty Ariat boots that I got on my first trip down here a year and half ago.


east austin


So, what else is on the agenda while I’m in Austin? Hopefully hitting up some food trucks this afternoon for a late lunch / early dinner. Of course, taking some more blog pictures. Stopping by the Continental Club tonight for live music. Fitting in some more tex-mex food and spending as much time outside as possible. If any of y’all have any other Austin recommendations, definitely let me know in the comments!


east austin


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