Taking Care of Your Skin: Bioré Charcoal

I’ve always gotten a lot of flack for taking a long time to get ready. And, yes, I suppose I do take an hour (and a half) to get ready for an evening out, BUT the reason is that I enjoy the pampering process of getting dolled up. I like to take the time to do a face mask, do my nails, light a candle, relax. This usually means the minutes start ticking by while I wait 15 minutes for my face mask to dry. Well, thankfully for all those who are tired of waiting on me, I’ve now added a one minute mask to my beauty routine.


Every beauty line seems to be jumping on the charcoal bandwagon these days, but I hadn’t yet seen it done in a drugstore line (read: at an affordable price). So I was pumped to try the Bioré Self Heating One Minute Mask and Bioré Deep Cleansing Charcoal Pore Strips

With a total time of one minute for the charcoal mask, I’m on my way to getting ready in no time. It heats up as soon as you apply it, which is crazy, and it comes in little packets that are perfect for tossing in your toiletry bag when you travel – yes, my beauty routine is just as involved when I travel. It then rinses off smoothly so you can even do this mask without taking a shower after – seriously, it’s the easiest, cleanest mask I’ve ever done. Plus, it’s under $6 on Target or Amazon. You can’t beat that.


Maybe a face mask isn’t your thing and you’re a devotee of the classic Bioré pore strips. You know, the ones you’ve been using for years? Well, those also come in a charcoal version now and while they take a bit longer than the mask at 10 minutes, they are the perfect addition to your once a week beauty rituals. They act as a magnet for the dirt and bacteria that build up all week long and keep your pores looking smooth and refined. It’s time to give these classics another go in this updated charcoal formula. Just like the mask, they are under $6 and you can order them right on Amazon.


As I was getting ready to take these pictures, and putting my charcoal mask on, I thought to myself, “I’m going to hand the camera to Adam and he’s going to tell me to please stop doing face masks in front of him.” He’s a patient guy who’s surprisingly easygoing with serving as my blog photographer and putting up with everything girly I do, and make him do, but face masks…those are just going TOO FAR

Sure enough, he walked into the bathroom, rolled his eyes, and said, “Please don’t ever do one of those in front of me again.” Well, looks like it’s time for me to get a tripod. Any suggestions from fellow bloggers?


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