Fried Avocado Breakfast Tacos

I’m going to put a disclaimer out here first: I totally did not intend to make our Sunday breakfast into a blog post, BUT as we were about to take our first bites, I thought, “wait! I’ve never shared this recipe! The world deserves to know how to make these!” And so, I snapped a few so-so pictures on a super cloudy, rainy day where the natural light in our kitchen was non-existent. Plus, you get Adam being a hand model as he just went ahead and ate. Now, on to the post…

Who else is obsessed with those bags of teeny tiny avocados from Trader Joe’s? They’re the perfect size for avocado toast, avocado eggs – any of those dishes where you’d typically end up with half a regular size avocado in the fridge turning brown immediately. 

I pick up a bag of the teeny tiny avocados every time I stop by Trader Joe’s and this past weekend I ended up with two leftover after I made guacamole for a few friends on Friday evening. Not wanting them to go bad, I decided the best use of two avocados would be a slightly indulgent weekend breakfast  – fried avocado breakfast tacos.


I first discovered that fried avocado is a thing when I was in Austin last year for SXSW and I came across a Mighty Cone food truck just as I was about to pass out from hunger. I had never even thought of frying avocado before, but why wouldn’t you fry a healthy green fruit?! Isn’t everything better fried? Since then, I’ve made fried avocado a few times at home and these breakfast tacos are one of my favorite vehicles for this crispy treat.

fried avocado breakfast tacos - how to fry avocado


2 avocados

2 eggs


Panko breadcrumbs



Chili powder

Vegetable oil




Flour Tortilla

Okay, so this recipe is really all about how to fry the avocado, because beyond getting that step down, you can put whatever you’d like in the tacos. We happened to have onion, jalapeno, and some crispy tortilla chips on hand, so we worked with that. 

Set up your frying assembly line. Slice the avocado. Cover a plate with a bit of flour. Put the two eggs, slightly beaten, into one bowl. Next to the egg bowl, fill a bowl with breadcrumbs and, to taste, salt, pepper, and chili powder. Meanwhile, pour about an inch to an inch and a half of vegetable oil into a deep skillet and heat to 350 degrees. 

Dredge each slice of avocado in flour, then dip it until covered in the egg, then coat with breadcrumbs – you may have to press the breadcrumbs into the avocado to make it really stick. Carefully transfer the avocado to the skillet of oil and fry until golden brown on both sides. Cool on a paper towel.

Serve the fried avocado on flour tortillas with your choice of eggs, peppers, onion, or whatever else you like in your breakfast taco! Pour on the hot sauce and enjoy.

fried avocado breakfast tacos - avocado with hot sauce - how to fry avocado - how to make breakfast tacos

how to fry avocado - breakfast tacos


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