Snapshots From Around the District

Today I have a bit of a different post for you. I’m going to keep the words minimal and just let the photos do the talking, and, if y’all are into it, I might keep up with doing these photo downloads on occasion!


One of my absolute favorite photography subjects is the homes around Washington, DC. Perhaps not surprisingly given that I did a minor in Architectural History in college, I could spend hours strolling around the neighborhoods in the District taking in all the different architectural styles that you’ll see from block to block.


While most of the rowhouses are fairly consistent by block, the diversity in architecture, color, and detail can vary wildly even within a single neighborhood. I love taking a different route home each time I’m out running errands just to see what surprise might be waiting around a new corner. The best? When I come across a block where the colors are pushing the limits and giving otherwise identical houses strikingly unique personalities.

Below are just a few of the snapshots that I’ve posted on Instagram from my strolls around DC. Make sure you’re following me over there so that you can keep up with all of my walks around the neighborhoods of Washington from H Street to U Street and everywhere in between.



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