A Brunch Ready Appetizer: Bagels and Lox Dip


When I’m not blogging or working, I also do a bit of freelance writing. And I have a new article up on the Jewish Food Experience. Head over there to find the most delicious bagels and lox dip – you’ll want to make this for all your brunches, tailgates, really whenever you’re craving either bagels, cream cheese, and lox or just looking for a delicious dip.


While I cook each and every day, developing totally original recipes is definitely a new challenge. It means finding inspiration whenever I’m out and about, and figuring out how I can take those flavors and make them my own. This particular recipe was inspired by a deconstructed bagels and lox platter I had during DC Restaurant Week earlier this year.

Check out my recipe, let me know if you end up making it, and, also, let me know in the comments how you develop your own recipes! Do you take inspiration from what you find online? The meals you’ve eaten out at restaurant? Or are you a tried and true recipe follower?



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