A Curated Gift for the Bride-to-Be: Vowed


Have you every wondered what to get your bride-to-be friend? My usual go-to gift is a bottle of bubbly, or perhaps a ring dish, but sometimes you want to find something a bit more unique. Or are you a bride searching for wedding items that speak to you? When you’re not planning the standard 300 person ballroom wedding, it can definitely feel like the wedding industry has forgotten you. Or maybe you just appreciate a well-designed gift from a small business over your standard Mr. and Mrs. offerings. That’s when Vowed comes to the rescue with the perfect – and affordable – items, collected within a one-time box, to celebrate you or your friend’s upcoming nuptials. 


Vowed launched to fill a niche in the wedding market for those brides that are stepping away from the normal route and give them a place to feel included in the celebrations. Personally, I know the struggle since we’re planning a non-traditional wedding – and I love that Vowed caters to brides who don’t fit the mold. No, wedding planning isn’t taking over their life. They have it together and are planning the wedding that they want.

And the curated items from Vowed provide those brides with a few extras to make the process easier. From notebooks to candles to cards, these are pieces from talented small makers across the country.



So, which box should you order for yourself or send to a friend? You have two options: the Bride with a Plan or the Chill Bride. You can take the quiz right here if you’re not quite sure which one you are (or, if you’re trying to pretend you’re the Chill Bride, but, let’s be honest, you’re the type A Bride with a Plan, so own it!).

As someone who’s been planning my wedding without the help of a wedding planner or anyone besides my fiancé (who offers his opinions, but isn’t quite as invested in some of the details as I am), I was all about the Bride with a Plan box.

Inside, there’s a gorgeous greeting card that reads, “This is Just the Beginning” (seriously, it’s so gorgeous I want to frame it above my desk) and two Vows notebooks, which are perfect since we’re currently working on writing our ceremony. I loved that both of these items are from Antiquaria, which is a company out of Austin, Texas, where my fiancé is from. There’s a Thank You note tracker with two thank you notes and a pen from Smudge Ink (this sounds silly, but I’m actually obsessed with the pen they included – it writes so smoothly!) Plus, there’s a bride balloon because, why not?

If you or your bride-to-be friend is a little more chill, go with the I’m a Chill Bride box. There’s a “I’m 99% happy for you” greeting card from Chalkscribe, a cotton blossom and lavender candle (I’m dying to know what this smells like!), and a “I was born to be wild, but only until around 9 p.m. or so” mug (Yup.) from Fun Club. All the things a totally laid-back bride needs in her life.



While I’m not having bridesmaids, I know many of you probably are, and Vowed Box has you covered with asking your closest friends to join your party. No need for overly sentimental messages here, there are Beyoncé references, a candle, and, of course, a cocktail kit – because who doesn’t need gummy bears in their champagne? Can you think of a better little surprise to send in the mail, or have sitting at their place settings at a bridal brunch, to ask your best girls?


Yes, the boxes are awesome, but I think the best thing about Vowed is that it’s a small business supporting other small businesses. I would never have known about Antiquaria, which I’m now obsessed with, had I not gotten the two pieces within my Vowed box. Sometimes we want to support small businesses, but we don’t even know who’s out there. Vowed is bringing those small businesses to you – and giving the non-traditional brides something to be excited about at the same time.



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