The Classic Piece You NEED: A Budget-Friendly London Fog Trench Coat

These pictures are from one of my first blog shoots in DC, but I’m bringing them out again because this coat is still such a classic — a budget-friendly London Fog trench coat. I’m a big believer in investing in pieces – especially for outerwear – that never go out of style. From a Barbour jacket to a feminine wool coat (seriously, I have it in this exact hot pink that’s current…except mine is from 8 years ago) to a leopard faux fur, when you buy a classic coat, you’ll have it forever.

(No, I did not cut my hair – but this is how short it was several years ago!)


Of course, the holy grail of classic coats is the trench coat. It’s one of those pieces that whenever you throw it on, you look instantly chic. You could wear the most simple black turtleneck and leggings, but throw on that trench and you’re oh so sophisticated. Pop the collar a bit in the back and you’re effortlessly (with a little effort) cool. It even has a bit of French girl appeal, and isn’t that always the goal?


budget-friendly trench coat - london fog trench coat


With timeless pieces in your wardrobe, there’s always the option to save or splurge. Who doesn’t want the $1,890 Burberry version?! But, you can also go the other end of the spectrum with a $109 Halogen coat that looks super cool.

I think there are tons of great options in the $150-$250 range, and that’s why I included the full range, with prices, in my roundup below. I’ve found that below $150, the options tend to veer a little further from “classic,” though I do think they have their place if you want a trendier coat for a year or two.

My coat was the $198 version from London Fog and I bought it several years ago. Typically, I try to remember when I got things by remembering what apartment I lived in at the time…and, honestly, I can’t recall. But, it’s been at least 5 years. I think it’s held up beautifully and looks so chic and tailored, so, really, unless you just have money to burn, you’re fine spending under $200 and getting a gorgeous, timeless trench coat.




budget-friendly trench coat - london fog trench coat

budget-friendly trench coat - london fog trench coat

budget-friendly trench coat - london fog trench coat

budget-friendly trench coat - london fog trench coat


Photos by Lauren Joseph (who has since left DC for the West Coast!)


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