Hanging Out on the Ranch (And What to Wear!)

Over Thanksgiving, we spent a few days in Austin and then a few out at Adam’s family’s ranch in Lampasas, Texas. While I’ve never been an outdoorsy person, I love heading out there for some time spent eating, drinking, and relaxing. And, I have yet to see a scorpion, a snake, or a wild pig, so things have always stayed pretty calm out there.


For a girl from the East Coast, I definitely had NO idea what to wear the first time I headed out to the ranch. I figured I’d be pretty safe with flannel, sweatshirts, and jeans, but I definitely wasn’t diving headfirst into Western wear. Since I’ve been out there a few times now, I’ve embraced all things Texas. Give me the camo, the cowboy hats, and the boots. I mean, when in Rome, right?!

So, it’s chambray on chambray, this amazing hat (I’ve also worn this in Middleburg, Virginia, so it’s not just for the ranch!), and keeping it casual at all times of day for all occasions. Of course, I had to throw on a pair of big gold statement earrings to give it a bit of my own personal style.

OUTFIT NOTES: CHAMBRAY SHIRT / CAMO SHIRT ONE / CAMO SHIRT TWO / JEANS / BRACELET / EARRINGS / HAT (I’ve worn this hat on so many travels this fall, not just when I’m going for the cowgirl look!)




No, but seriously. Since we got back, it’s been full-on last-minute wedding planning mode. I swear I’ve sent no less than 200 emails, I haven’t slept more than 6 hours a night, and I’m totally longing for the days just last week at the ranch where I was getting 9 hours of sleep a night, eating great food, and had nowhere to be except sitting outside with a glass of wine in hand. So, really, when can I go back?





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