Watercolors Brought to Life with Maizie Clarke

I love gorgeous pieces for entertaining that don’t have to spend 363 days out of the year living on a shelf. If I can find a piece that multi-tasks or is right for using every day, I’m in. That’s what I’ve found with Maizie Clarke’s home pieces. Her gorgeous ceramic platters, plates, vases, and more are just as gorgeous in the kitchen as they are elsewhere around the home, and her pieces are the perfect weight for using anytime you want to dress up your table a bit (or anytime I’m just feeling a little fancy with my afternoon snack!). In fact, you’ll see the platter in this very post make an appearance in a beauty post later this week. Because if a ceramic platter is this gorgeous, why use it only when entertaining?


The dessert plates and trays below are from the Moroccan Convoy collection, which I absolutely adore for 2 reasons. The first being that I always love a feminine touch of pink, particularly when it’s not too literal. Something super girly is fine, but this pink sand is perfection. And second, these white and gray tents and camels perfectly complement the white and gray vibe that we have in our kitchen and that so many people have these days in their homes. I mean, how gorgeous would these be set out on a marble countertop?



If you have an impressively sharp memory, you may recall that I first shared Maizie’s work with you a few years ago. Maizie is a watercolor artist out of Louisville, Kentucky who I first met when she lived in Washington, DC. I’ve followed her career as she’s grown and expanded her line of products from house portraits to textiles and now to ceramics.

Maizie paints whimsical portraits of homes, everyday objects, and faraway scenes. There are motifs of the South, of the Middle East, of Asia, or anywhere across America – all painted in her signature soft yet realistic style. She takes the objects and patterns we see each and every day, makes them prettier, and then applies them to something that we can use and admire on a regular basis. A print on a wall is nice to look at it, but isn’t it wonderful to have a piece of art that you can use?



This is the perfect time of year to take a look at Maizie Clarke’s gorgeous designs because they are perfect for gifting. From her custom watercolor house portraits to her ceramic pieces, there’s something for everyone on your gift list, for any season.

  • Custom house portraits: Whether you choose to go with a framed watercolor or a house portrait on a ceramic piece, Maizie’s house portraits make wonderful gifts for the friend that just bought a new house, the parents that just celebrated an anniversary in their forever home, or the neighbors throwing a housewarming party.


  • Ceramics: I love Maizie’s ceramics for just about any occasion. There are platters, plates, vases, and more with horses, bourbon, elephants, fruit, basically anything you could want for a hostess gift, a bridal shower, a housewarming gift, a just because gift, a holiday gift. Seriously anything. Be sure to follow Maizie on Instagram to get peeks at all her designs.



First, follow Maizie Clarke on Instagram and Facebook for glimpses of her latest work and information on upcoming pop-up shops and events. Second, if you’re in Kentucky or DC, make sure to check her schedule to find out when Maizie might be featured in a shop near you, particularly since we’re coming up on the busy holiday shop season.

Third, explore her custom products pages if you’re interested in a special gift this upcoming holiday season. The deadline for custom orders for Christmas (including her amazing house portraits!) is November 16, so you don’t want to miss out!



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