The Best DC Coffee Shops for Working Remotely

As most of y’all probably know, I work remotely full-time for my day job. Typically, I’ll work from home in the morning, and then, in the afternoon, I’ll try to get out of the house and work remotely. Sometimes that’s booking a coworking space through Croissant (like ClassPass for coworking spaces!) and sometimes that’s venturing out into the neighborhood to a coffee shop.


Over the past year and a half of working remotely, I’ve become a pro at finding the coffee shops that are actually worth working in. I have nothing against a coffee shop that caters towards a get them in and get them out crowd or one that actually wants people to drink a cup of coffee without a laptop perched in front of them, but, those aren’t what I need on a regular basis.

I need a place with strong wifi, a convenient location, and space to put both a cup of coffee (groundbreaking!) and a laptop. If there’s also room for my notebook, then I’ve really hit a home run. Typically, I find myself working from coffee shops when I have somewhere to be after work in another part of town and I’d rather spend the afternoon in that neighborhood then try to navigate rush hour on the metro.

Photos by Brianna Spause of BS Productions


the wydown dc - h street dc - coffee shops in dc working remotely


So, here’s my (sometimes) expert opinion on the best DC coffee shops for working remotely. I have coffee shops across town represented, though certainly let me know if you have a favorite that didn’t make my list! I love checking out new places whenever I have an excuse to find myself in a different neighborhood.

The Wydown: The Wydown in the Apollo on H Street was my home away from home for working remotely during the 2 years that I lived on H Street. It’s a strange setup in that it’s an apartment building lobby that houses a coffee shop/bar, but there are 3 floors of beautifully designed, lush, mid-century inspired sitting areas. Iced coffee and a scone is my go-to order, and I swear I’ve had no less than 20 meetings over coffee there. We also did some of our engagement photos at the Wydown. I’m not exaggerating when I say it’s one of my favorite spots in the city.

Souk: I’ve been here 3 times in the past week if that tells you anything. This cozy coffee shop with an incredible selection of globally-inspired pastries also boasts a huge table to spread out on (Adam and I actually went here on Tuesday morning this past week to churn out thank you notes), as well as smaller tables in the window. The maple latte is one of my favorite coffee drinks in DC.

Ebenezer’s: If you’re looking for intriguing, floral lattes, then you have to check out Ebenezer’s. This was another one of my go-to’s due to its super-close proximity to my old apartment, but I’ll continue to venture up here simply because I love their flavor combinations. There’s plenty of seating—and outdoor seating—and it’s never too crowded on weekdays.

Little Pearl: While it turns to a restaurant at night, Little Pearl is a coffee shop perfect for remote workers during the day. The grounds are pretty, the interior is full of sunlight, and they have both coffee and food offerings.

Colada Shop: It gets a bit busier and louder in the evenings, but Colada Shop is a great place to set up during the day. Grab a Cuban coffee and an empanada and you’ll never find a more delicious or more colorful place to work.

Peregrine: With locations on 14th Street, in Union Market, and on Capitol Hill, Peregrine is a bright, bare-bones space that’s perfect for setting up your laptop and getting to work. The Capitol Hill location has lots of outdoor seating, which is wonderful on gorgeous spring days.

Slipstream: You walk into Slipstream thinking it’s a hip cafe, but then you notice that the entire back end of the restaurant is filled with tables, ideal for those looking for a spot to work remotely. It’s a bit expensive, but it’s a welcome splurge. Plus, it turns into a restaurant in the evening.

Compass Coffee: This was my favorite spot to duck into when I was working at the Newseum and working on grad school projects during my lunch break (yes, I did a brief stint thinking I needed to get a Masters, before realizing the student loans were NOT going to be worth it). Compass has locations across DC and they always have the most inventive and amazing lattes—nutella, maple, lavender. A sweet tooth like mine is in heaven.

The Cup We All Race 4: The Line Hotel is one of the most hyped locations in DC and its food offerings receive similar attention. While I’m not totally sure if you’re supposed to work in the lobby after grabbing a cup of coffee, that’s what I do, and there’s plenty of room to set up shop. It’s dark in there, so you do end up a little unsure of the time of day, but it’s such a cool space.

Sidamo: A cozy, tiny Ethiopian spot, this was right by my old apartment. If you’re a tea lover, or just really into the presentation of your coffee or tea, you’ll definitely want to check this place out. Plus, they roast their own coffee beans, which you can buy on-site.


the wydown dc - h street dc - coffee shops in dc working remotely



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