Blogging 101: How to Shop My Instagram Posts

There have been more than a few times recently where I’ve received messages about products that I’ve posted on Instagram and it made me realize that I’ve never shared with y’all how to shop my Instagram posts! While I’m not a huge shopper (this is why I’m never going to be a style blogger—no try-on hauls for me!), I do love sharing great finds when I come across them. There’s nothing better than finding an amazing piece that becomes a staple in my wardrobe or home and then hearing that my readers are enjoying it just as much.


I’m always willing to be totally transparent when people ask me questions about blogging and often I’m asked how I make money off of my blog. One of the answers I tell them is that I receive a commission through products that my readers purchase directly through my affiliate links. Think of affiliate links as the commission for a personal shopper service, except the retailer rather than the consumer is the one paying it. Essentially, it’s a kickback that I get from the retailer for sharing products with my readers and sending business their way.

I share these affiliate links on my blog whenever I’m discussing a product, but I also share them through an app called On the app, I share all of my Instagram posts that include products that are available for my readers to purchase. I link those products to the photo and you can access them either through the app or via my website.

Here are the details on how to download the app and find me on there (keep reading below for more info on the page on my website).

how to shop my instagram - how to use liketoknowit - @hmbien instagram


If you prefer to do your shopping on desktop (oh hey, me too!), you can also find all of my posts on my blog. There’s a tab at the top of my blog that says “SHOP MY POSTS” and there you’ll find every enabled image from my Instagram. You can click directly through the links at the bottom of each photo and it’ll take you right to the product I’ve linked. Super easy!


This seems like a fitting time to say thank you to all my readers! It means so much when y’all let me know that you’ve purchased and loved something that I shared on here or on Instagram, or when you let me know that one of the looks I posted inspired you to try something similar. It means the world to me and is one of the reasons I keep going with the late nights and early mornings to bring you new content!


how to shop my instagram - how to use liketoknowit - @hmbien instagram


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