An Easy Weeknight Tablescape with Black Stoneware from Carthage Co.

I’m a firm believer in setting the table for dinner. I don’t care if it’s a Tuesday night and we’re eating frozen pizza, we’re eating at the table — with placemats and matching plates, like this tablescape with black stoneware. It’s something that takes just a minute to pull together, but it means we’re sitting down to dinner and having a conversation rather than plopping down on the sofa and watching TV (though, yes, this totally happens on occasion if it’s a Sunday night and we’re eating Chinese food or are just plain exhausted).


So, while I love an elaborately set table as much as the next person, for weeknights, I’m all about simplicity. There’s no need to get fancy with multiple chargers and plates. Start off easy with a round placemat that compliments both a round table and a round plate. I love these textural braided placemats — plus, they’re a steal at $6.95 each!

Add in a ceramic plate. These La Marsa dinner plates from Carthage Co. are a stunning onyx stoneware (they can also double as a charger when you do decide to dress things up!) that adds a bit of edgy sophistication to your everyday table. Pairing the plates with the matching La Marsa cups ties the look together.

Sleek, modern flatware is a must with every tablescape in our house. And, a simple striped napkin is the finishing touch on this easy, everyday dinner look (full disclosure: no, I don’t use napkin rings every day, but I couldn’t resist as I was setting the table for these photos!).

OUTFIT NOTESBlack Cami / Bee Headband ($11.99 for 3!) / Paige Jeans


catharge co la marsa - black stoneware


Let’s talk for a second about this gorgeous black stoneware from Carthage Co.’s La Marsa collection. I was so delighted when they sent me these pieces in the rich onyx color — they’re literally perfect in our new place. With clean, elegant lines that are simple enough for everyday, I know these are pieces I’ll reach for again and again.

The cups have a heavyweight that feels amazing in-hand, and I’ve found myself using these as my go-to cups throughout the day. There’s always one sitting on my desk filled with cold brew — but they’d also be perfect as water or wine glasses. The shape is so versatile, yet sleek.

Plus, these pieces are even more special because they are ethically sourced and handcrafted through manufacturers in Tunisia. This stoneware is made by artisans, not a factory — which is probably why it strikes the perfect chord between warm, casual, and elevated.


catharge co la marsa - black stoneware

catharge co la marsa - black stoneware


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