Yup, I Chopped My Hair: What to Know Before a Drastic Hair Cut

If you haven’t noticed in recent blog photos, my long, long hair is long G-O-N-E. A few weeks ago, I went in for a hair cut at Rose and Sparrow Salon in Capitol Hill not totally sure what I was going to walk out with. I’ve had long hair for several years — I cut it uber-short back in 2015 and had been growing it out ever since. Growing it out as in probably 2 hair cuts in that 4.5 year span.

I loved my long hair. It was easy. It’s thick and straight, so, most days with my work from home schedule, I could let it air dry before curling the ends slightly under with a straightener and I was good to go. But, on those days when I didn’t have time to let it air dry, it was a commitment. It took ages to blow dry. I knew there was 0 chance that was realistic with my new morning routine. So, a few days before I started my new job, I went in to the salon looking for a change. She cut it once…and I told her, let’s just go shorter.


And, I walked out with an above-the-shoulder bobLet me add here that I had a great experience at Rose and Sparrow — I’ll definitely be back! Do I love the haircut? Yes. Am I going to stick with short hair? Doubtful. Am I super glad that my hair grows quickly? Yes!

But, regardless, here’s what to know before a drastic hair cut so that you don’t end up making a game time decision like I did.

Don’t do it impulsively…but also, it’s just hair. It grows back. I’d recommend thinking it over for a few days before you go in for a big chop. Consider why you want to cut it off, whether a short hair cut works for your lifestyle, and if you want to commit to short hair maintenance. But, also, don’t overthink it — if you’re feeling inclined, go for it. It can always grow back.

Bring in inspiration photos and be open to opinions from the stylist. I DID have inspiration photos…I just ended up going quite a bit shorter. “Her hair is below her collarbone” was mentioned more than once as I showed the stylist my photos. She made sure I knew what I was getting into (even if I didn’t listen).

Pay attention to what the stylist does and ask questions. You know what sucks? Loving your hair when you leave the salon and then having zero clue how to recreate it the next day. So, ask all the questions you have about what kind of brush she is using, the angles she’s working while drying, and the products that are making it do that thing that looks so good.

It’s going to take longer to style. Okay, I know I did those so it would take less time, and it does on a daily basis when I’m going start to finish, but I do have to style it every single day. 15 minutes a day isn’t bad…but running out the door with wet hair and hoping for a french braid an hour later isn’t an option.

Volumizing mousse and hair spray will be your best friends. Long hair doesn’t need products. Short hair does. It’s a fact of life. Plus, I used to use whatever hair dryer was around, but now I’m lost without my T3 (I take back everything I ever said about it not being a worthy investment — and here it is from Nordstrom Rack for only $90!).

Lastly, the feeling of short hair when you shampoo is AMAZING. After a few years of just running through shampoo, it’s so liberating to put my hands up to my head and there’s basically nothing there. Seriously, you can’t beat that freeing feeling.




what to know before a drastic haircut




  1. February 11, 2020 / 5:54 am

    The shorter hair suits you so well, but you also looked beautiful with long hair! I cut 10 inches off my hair in 2013 and no joke, have been growing it out ever since! It was not a very flattering haircut that I was given and it kind of scared me off of short hair (it looked like a hat kind of haha). I feel like someday I may go shorter again, but for now still happy with long! 🙂

    xoxo A

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