How to Treat Dry Hands: Aquaphor is a Miracle Cure

Okay, y’all, we’re living in crazy times, washing our hands non-stop, and, consequently, thinking, “Okay, cool, my hands are disinfected, now tell me how to treat DRY hands.” Seriously, my hands were feeling so raw and red and painful a few days ago that I needed to up my hydration game.


Well, the answer is Aquaphor. I started off using regular old lotion and quickly realized it wasn’t cutting it. I needed the emollient properties of Aquaphor, which is a mix of petroleum jelly, mineral oil, glycerin, and lanolin. It seals every bit of moisture in and it’s the only thing that’s working on my dry, red, raw hands. I’ve got a tub in my bathroom, one in the bedroom, and one in the kitchen. I’m even going to pick up a tube from my purse — this is the solution for how to treat dry hands.


Aquaphor is a miracle cure. I actually started using Aquaphor this past winter — I’ve been dealing with some serious skin issues for months since going off hormonal birth control at the end of last summer (because of my migraines and my migraines ONLY, ha) and finally my dermatologist put me on Trentinoin.

It’s worked like a charm over the past month or so, definitely clearing things up (and giving me anti-aging benefits!), BUT it’s also dried me out. So, I decided to bring in the big guns and pull out the Aquaphor, particularly after hearing on Forever 35 that Aquaphor is the best thing you can put on any sort of healing skin.

Any concerns I had about it clogging my pores proved totally unfounded and it has cleared up any dry spots in a jiffy. I now use it almost daily on any lingering patches or just to give myself a bit of added suppleness.

Plus, my dermatologist told me that Aquaphor is actually THE best thing you can use as an eye cream because it just seals all the moisture in. Given that my derm office definitely leans into the cosmetic procedures, I’m going to 100% believe what she’s preaching (and, I did buy the super expensive face wash…so it’s all about moderation, right?!). And, if that’s not enough reason to invest in a tub or a tube of Aquaphor, you can also use it as a lip balm, cuticle cream, scar treatment, makeup remover, and more.


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