Tips for Your (Home) Office: Do Desk Humidifiers Work?

If you’re a humidifier devotee by night, you may have considered extending those benefits to daytime and wondered, “do desk humidifiers work?”

And, now that we’re all working from home, it’s as good a time as any to add a bit of skincare self-care to your home office setup and see how it works for you. I actually first ordered a desk humidifier for my work desk after seeing an old colleague with one.

You know I’m quick to hop on anything that offers benefits for healthy, glowing skin, so, the minute I found myself back in an office with that dry, controlled air, I decided it was time to spring for a mini desk humidifier. The thing about inside air is that, whether it’s heat or air conditioning, it’s dry. It dries out your skin, your lips, everything. We try to hydrate as much as possible (seriously, how many glasses of water or mugs of tea can one person go through?!), but it’s never quite enough. That’s why we have to bring in something extra.


So, do desk humidifiers work? In my experience, yes! This little guy puts out a lot of humidity — the constant flow of mist is just a couple of feet from my face and I feel like not only is it good for a constant supply of hydration for my skin and keeping dry patches at bay, it’s also good for alleviating allergy symptoms. And, even if it’s just placebo affect, there’s something so spa-like about having a humidifier out on my desk.

Here’s a must-do trick, though: empty out and take apart your humidifier each evening to dry out. If you leave the water overnight, it’ll start to smell and you may have to replace the cotton wick.

I opted for a cool mist humidifier that plugs in with a USB cord. It’s super quiet, releases a good amount of mist, takes up barely any room on my desk, and is easy to take apart and refill. Plus, the water tank lasts a full workday and it’s under $18.


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And, here’s one I wouldn’t order: this desk humidifier. This is the one I originally got for my desk and it’s too fickle, mildews easily, and I just 100% would not recommend. 



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