Two Bed and Breakfasts Near DC Where You Can Socially Distance

Let’s talk about bed and breakfasts near DC where you can practice social distancing. We’re all getting antsy about staying put for months on end. Summer is right around the corner and we’re eager to go somewhereanywhere. 

My Personal Stance on Travel Right Now

This past weekend, we went went away for the weekend — that’s what inspired this post. I definitely was unsure, but the CDCs travel page seems to direct you towards state guidance…and Virginia is opening up. We decided that, while we’d typically spend our weekend away dining out and exploring town, we would simply use this as an excuse to totally relax out in the country. We took all necessary precautions, limited interactions with others, and picked up food just as we would in DC.

This is probably what we’ll continue to do regarding travel for at least a little while longer. We did reschedule our Maine road trip from the first week of June to October, but I absolutely plan on flying again in the near(ish) future. I’m not going to be someone who’s waiting until 2021 to travel again — assuming that the guidance from professionals support that.

I believe we’re at a point where you have to do what you’re comfortable with, while also mitigating risk as much as possible. I’ve had more than a few friends reach out to see if I had any ideas of places nearby to escape our tiny DC homes and that + our amazing weekend away is what inspired this post…

Two Bed and Breakfasts Near DC Where You Can Socially Distance

So, with that aside, let’s talk bed and breakfasts near DC where you can socially distance. There are lots more inns in the area which I love but, I felt that these two provide an opportunity to truly have a socially distant weekend with their rural or small town accommodations and lots of activities nearby.

Farmhouse at VeritasAfton, VA

I have a full review coming to the blog, but we actually went here this past weekend on a delayed birthday trip (I booked it after a particularly stressful day at work in the dead of winter!), so I can 100% speak to how well they’re social distancing on-site. This charming bed and breakfast is actually where we had our wedding (you may recognize the view below from this photo!) and it’s, hands down, the loveliest place I’ve ever stayed. Seriously, this is perfection in the Blue Ridge mountains.

From the pastoral, sheep-filled views over the vineyards to the stunning mountains, the perfectly appointed rooms within the historic farmhouse, the multi-course breakfast to the exquisite dinner tasting menu, every single detail is intentional and well thought out. It’s luxurious, but approachable and low-key. Adam was definitely getting to a breaking point being stuck at home at our condo, but waking up early that first morning and sipping coffee while watching the fog roll in off the mountains fixed everything.

And, how are they approaching social distancing? We were easily able to steer clear of other guests and always wore our masks around others (staff also wears their masks). While the bed and breakfast was fully booked, we had no trouble grabbing a spot to ourselves on the porch for wine hour or hanging out on an upstairs balcony in the afternoon. I’m sure many of the groups, like we did, leave the premises to go hiking or out into the country during the day, so it never felt like we were around others.

At breakfast, which is anytime between 9 and 11 AM, they have guests in the garden house, which has open window walls on all 4 sides, though we actually asked to sit completely outside and they were so gracious in moving us. We did the same at dinner since the weather was so incredible, but service is limited to 25%, so, regardless of where you sit, you’re at no risk of being close to other guests. I’ll get more into it in my review, but the staff is amazing and so kind and I felt like they were going above and beyond in regard to precautions.


farmhouse at veritas - bed and breakfasts near dc - social distancing bed and breakfast


Red Fox InnMiddleburg, VA

I’ve stayed in this historic inn during a gorgeous spring weekend and on a chilly fall getaway. The inn has such a rich history, yet the rooms are immaculately updated — they celebrate century-old Americana design while feeling clean and modern at the same time. That’s not always an easy task and they succeed 100%.

Red Fox Inn is located in downtown Middleburg, which is obviously wonderful when the town is bustling, but even without shops and restaurants open, you can still enjoy a hiking excursion nearby or pick up wine or beer to go and enjoy it outside, away from others. When it comes to dining, they have a large back patio that will be perfect when outdoor dining opens back up. But, until then, you can pick up to-go food at many of the restaurants along Middleburg’s main street.


 - bed and breakfasts near dc - social distancing bed and breakfast - red fox inn middleburg

A Few Others I Haven’t Visited

Of course, I haven’t visited every bed and breakfast in the region and I know there are several that would also provide a socially distant escape from the big city. I can’t vouch for these, but you could check out: Goodstone Inn in Middleburg, VA, Inn at Little Washington in Washington, VA (if your pockets are feeling particularly deep), and the Tidewater Inn in Easton, MD.

One Last Note

Let’s chat for a minute about small business and hospitality. I know most of us are doing our best to support restaurants, but, don’t forget that independently owned inns are small businesses, too.

There was a wonderful property that I wanted to feature in this post — it was originally going to be Three Bed and Breakfasts… I’d stayed with them a few years ago and sent multiple readers there, some of whom became repeat guests. I noticed on their website that they were temporarily closed due to the pandemic, so I shot them a quick email to ask when they might be reopening. I still wanted to include them in this roundup, even if I had to add a caveat that they would open on X date. Sadly, they wrote back saying they had made the decision to permanently close. I didn’t ask whether it was due to the pandemic, but their website implied they planned to reopen imminently…and clearly that changed.

All that is to say, when you do decide to make the decision to travel again, look to the independent innkeepers (and tip the staff generously just as you have been at restaurants!).


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