Weekend Day Trip Out of DC: Curbside Pickup at a Brewery

Okay, we’ve been staying at home for almost three months and who’s antsy to plan a weekend day trip out of DC? We’re literally chomping at the bit just to get out of the house and are desperate for socially distant ways to do so.

And, a couple of weekends ago, we literally just wanted to get in the car and drive.

Weekend Day Trip Out of DC: Curbside Pickup at a Brewery

Plus, Adam wanted to try out some new craft beers. So, there was one obvious way to knock out two birds with one stone: drive out into the country to pick up some beer. Sure, we could go to one of the awesome breweries in DC (and we have been!), but doing curbside pickup or to-go out in Maryland or Virginia gave us the opportunity to get out of the city for an afternoon on a nice day.

Even though we were driving and just bringing the beer back into DC, it was just so nice to get outside and see some green space. We placed our order online a few hours before we planned on picking up and the process was super easy. We drove up, rolled down our window, gave our name, and they put the beer in the back trunk — we didn’t even have to get out of the car. Of course, we took the opportunity to drive around and explore a bit. We drove through Ellicott City afterwards and added that to the list of nearby small towns that we’ll have to check out when travel (even if only nearby) becomes a thing again.


A Few of Our Favorite DC-Area Breweries

So, where should you go? There are more breweries than I can even begin to list here, but here are a few that I can personally vouch for as excellent.

  • Manor Hill Brewing: This is where we did super easy curbside pickup a few weekends ago. We picked up a few different beers and they even threw in a 6-pack of flavored sparkling water.
  • Streetcar 82 Brewing: Not so far outside of DC, this spot in Hyattsville makes some awesome beers. And, they have lots of dark brews on tap — which is totally in my vibe.
  • Flying Dog Brewery: This is one you’ve probably heard of, even if you’re far outside the DC region. While you can definitely pick this up at the grocery store, why not take the trip out to this spot in Frederick for a drive out into the country?
  • Attaboy Beer: This spot in downtown Frederick is an awesome place to hang out, but their beer also happens to be good. So, pick it up to-go and have a picnic elsewhere.
  • 1781 Brewing: We discovered this brewery on a trip to Fredericksburg, VA last summer and it was such a fun place to catch an outdoor concert. Of course, you’ll also find good saisons and IPAs here that are all available for pickup.
  • Quattro Goombas Brewery: With a winery and a brewery on these grounds, you’ll find something for everyone. Plus, you can still fill up your growlers, you just can’t consume them on-property yet.



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