Ceiling Fans Don’t Have to be Ugly! 16 Stylish Ceiling Fan Options

We’re talking today about how to choose a ceiling fan, the fans I have in my own home, as well as 16 other stylish ceiling fan options.

In a Facebook group I’m in, someone recently posted about how ceiling fans are ugly and they needed help picking one out. Well, y’all, ceiling fans are only ugly if you choose an ugly ceiling fan. And, I don’t pick ugly ceiling fans, ha.

How to Choose a Ceiling Fan

First things first, I’m 100% a believer that bedrooms and living rooms should always have a ceiling fan instead of an overhead light (okay, okay, our bedroom and guest room fans have lights attached, but that wasn’t my choice and I never turn them on). Waking up in the morning to the cool breeze of the fan or switching on a living room fan when you come inside on a warm summer day is pure bliss. You shouldn’t be using overhead lighting as it is, so, seriously, let’s bring back the fan.

But, how do you pick a ceiling fan? Here are a few considerations.

  • 52″ seems to be the sweet spot on size for most rooms. If you have a “normal” size bedroom or living room, 52″ will get the job done. That’s the size of our living room fan. Our guest room and bedroom fan is a little larger at 58″ and, fun fact, our bedroom fan was originally intended for the living room and vice versa, but because of an HVAC overhang and the 58″ span, it didn’t fit. If you have a seriously large room, go up to 60″.
  • When it comes to blades, most fans are designed well enough that it shouldn’t make a difference. Old school knowledge is that 4 or 5 blades are ideal, but I love the look of 3 and have found that all of the 3-blade fans in our home more than get the job done.
  • Unless you have uber-high ceilings, you probably want to stay within a standard 3-5″ down rod size. Much longer than that and you’ll start to visually bring down the ceiling height.

16 Stylish Ceiling Fan Options

If you want the exact fan we have in the image below (and lots of y’all have reached out when I’ve posted it on Insta!), here it is: the Minka Aire Artemis fan. It comes in a bunch of colors but we have the Distressed Koa in our bedroom and the Maple in our guest bedroom.

And, if you want a super budget-friendly, but sleek and modern, option, this is the just over $100 fan we have in our living room: Hunter Cassius in Matte Black.

But, of course I promised you more stylish ceiling fan options, so here are 16 models that range from industrial to sleek to minimalist. All of which would be an artful (and cooling!) addition to any space.


stylish ceiling fan options - how to choose a ceiling fan - minka aire artemis fan


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