What I’ve Been Writing Lately on the Internet, Volume V

To be honest, I can’t remember the last time I did one of these freelance writing round-ups. Okay, that’s a lie. I just looked back into my archives and I did one in February. But, for all intents and purposes, that’s out of the rememberable time zone.

And, to be really honest, the main motivation for throwing this post together is that I’m not done yet with the post I originally had planned for today. I’m writing the travel diary detailing our Texas to DC road trip and, while all the photos are in and the outline is done, writing is not always a quick process. I’d like to get it done tomorrow but no promises.

Also, you know what I am successfully writing A LOT of lately? My weekly/biweekly newsletter. If you haven’t signed up yet, this form right here will take care of that.

What I’ve Been Writing Lately(ish)

Okay, so let’s get into it. Here are a few of the articles that I’ve written lately across the internet.

Advice From a Thirtysomething | 5 DIY Projects to Freshen Up Your Home: I’ve slowed down a tiny bit since the beginning of the pandemic but the desire to create a home that’s a retreat is still there.

Advice From a Thirtysomething | Podcasts That Feel Like an Old Friend During This Time: Anyone else turn on a podcast whenever they’re getting ready, cooking, cleaning, walking…? If so, these are my favorite comfy cozy favorites right now.

Advice From a Thirtysomething | Where Can I Travel Now? Weekend Trip Ideas for Every Region: From the South to New England to the Midwest all the way over to the West Coast, here are ideas for driveable destinations.

Advice From a Thirtysomething | Small Doesn’t Have to Mean Non-Traditional, Your Wedding Can Still Look Like a Wedding: Especially now, more people are turning to small weddings. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have all the traditional trappings. I did.

Advice From a Thirtysomething | What is a Nap Dress and Can it Wake Up Your Pandemic Wardrobe?: Doesn’t everyone want to look like some sort of ethereal Victorian dream right now?

Advice From a Thirtysomething | 5 Newsletters We Can’t Get Enough Of: The newsletter is having a moment and we’re here for it. From news to lifestyle, here’s what we’re reading.

Advice From a Thirtysomething | Nostalgia and Needlepointing: The Rise of the Grandmillennial Aesthetic: Pull our your ginger jars and your scalloped trim because your grandmother’s style is back in style.

The Everygirl | The Benefits of Having a Smaller Wedding: Y’all, I could write about our small wedding all day long and the pandemic has given me an opportunity to share my knowledge with couples that are now in the position of having to choose a smaller wedding.

The Everygirl | 10 Ways to Carve Out Alone Time When You Don’t Live Alone: Whether it’s a roommate or a spouse, these past 6 months have been trying for those of us who need our alone time. Here’s how to get it even if there’s someone else home.



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