From Velvet to Tweed: The Best Headbands for Fall

Looking to upgrade your hair accessories collection with the best headbands for fall? I’ve got you covered. Put away the gingham. Hide the raffia until next summer. Let go of the eyelet. It’s time to embrace all things cozy — and that includes headbands. Bring on the velvet, tweed, and satin because I’m here for it all. Whether I’m dressing up a didn’t-dry-my-hair french braid or showing off the fact I did do a blowout, a headband is almost always an essential part of my fall outfit.

Shop the Best Headbands for Fall

Personally, I tend to stick to a J.Crew price point for headbands — $10-$15 is my sweet spot. Plus, you really can’t beat the classic look of the Padded Headband from J.Crew (it’s $30 normally, but half off right now!).

So, why splurge if you don’t have to? But, I know there are lots of you who are committed to your Lele Sadoughi and if you’ve got that f-you headband money, I 100% endorse going for it. For those of you in between, I’ve also thrown in some Sea Marie Design options. Go crazy, y’all.

*Speaking of best headbands, don’t touch these J. Marie Collection headbands with a ten foot pole. They’re adorable but I have to keep mine in place with bobby pins if my hair is down. They do okay if my hair is up, but the band itself barely touches my ears and there is zero grip.

OUTFIT DETAILSSHIRT {very old, but similar here}/ HEADBAND {So, I actually got this at CVS and it’s amazing. It’s the “Hive” brand and I couldn’t find it online, but this headband looks similar here} / EARRINGS MUG

And, now, on to the fall headbands at all price points and in all prints, for your shopping pleasure…


best headbands for fall


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