Glossier Boy Brow Auburn Review: A Natural, Full Brow

Fun fact: this Glossier Boy Brow Auburn review was actually my first time ever trying a Glossier product! While I’ve been tempted to try their Cloud Paint or their cult classic Milky Jelly Cleanser, I’ve always been deterred by ordering directly from their website. I’m a Sephora devotee and taking that extra step to enter my credit card in a new website kept me from taking the plunge for year.

Thankfully, seeing an ad for the new auburn shade of Boy Brow finally broke me. I have dark auburn hair so I can usually get away with a brown eyebrow pencil or gel. It Cosmetics’ Universal Taupe has always been a winner for me but it definitely wasn’t lost on my that there literally was not an option out there for red or reddish hair. And, yes, if I look back at photos over the years, there are definitely times when I was using a dark brown pencil and it’s like girl, what are you doing?!

So, as soon as it came out, I ordered the Glossier Boy Brow in Auburn…and here’s what I thought…

Glossier Boy Brow Auburn Review

I’ve experimented with every brow product type known to man — gel, pencil, powder, you name it, I’ve tried it. Recently, as mentioned previously, I’ve been into pencil, which really allows for a crisp edge and clearly defined brows.

However, there are days when I want less definition. Regardless of color, that’s what Boy Brow is good for. Glossier describes it as a “soft, flexible pomade” which I’d say is accurate. This is a product for fluffing rather than definition. It’s a soft, natural look — basically your brows, just with a little bit of extra oomph. For me, I don’t do anything to my brows (minimal tweezing every couple of months maybe, I’ve never gotten them waxed), but this product fills in any area where they might be a bit sparse and allows me to give them a bit of casual everyday look.

I can’t feel it on my brows (seriously, I just felt my brows to test), which is awesome. I always steer clear of products that make my brows feel stiff or that flake off throughout the day. This does neither of those.

Regarding the color, it’s a super versatile auburn color. It’s great on me, as a dark auburn, but I’ve googled and also seen it look fabulous on true redheads (though I’d say it darkens their brows a bit, whereas I feel like it mostly fluffs on mine.

Final verdict: I’m on my second tube! At only $16, this is a great buy for a natural everyday look. I’ll stick to a pencil for evenings out but this Glossier Boy Brow in Auburn has already become a staple in my morning routine. You won’t catch me on a Zoom call without it.

Read on for a photo of it on my brows and outfit details. 


glossier boy brow auburn review - auburn brow gel


Outfit details since I’m going super, between-Zoom calls casual here: This Grayson Hero Cozy Cotton button-up shirt in white is such a classic. It’s a great piece to splurge on for your work-from-home, workday, weekend, everyday wardrobe. Use code HEATHERBIEN for $25 off. The delicate diamond necklace is from local DC designer, Mallory Shelter. Lastly, these nails are, surprise!, press-on.


glossier boy brow auburn review - auburn brow gel


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