What I’ve Been Writing Lately on the Internet, Volume VI

Here we go with another volume of What I’ve Been Writing Lately on the Internet. If you follow along closely here on the blog, you’ll know that one of my 2021 goals is to expand my freelance writing. I have fabulous marketing writing clients but I also want to get my own byline out there more often.

Which is to say, if you’re an editor and reading this, give me a shout!

Okay, before I get into the articles I’ve actually written, here’s a plug for an interview I did recently where I talk about my e-design business, writing, how I stay organized, and what’s inspiring me right now.

What I’ve Been Writing Lately(ish) On the Internet

And, now, without further ado, here are a few of the pieces I’ve written lately on various website around the internet.

The Everygirl | What It’s Really Like to Live in Washington, DC Right Now: This is easily the article I’ve been most proud of in recent years. I wrote about my own experience and what it’s been like to live in DC in the wake of the January 6 domestic terrorism (right now, we’re hoping the fencing doesn’t become a permanent fixture though many are calling for it). Additionally, I had so many incredible women submit their own quotes.

The Everygirl |Want to Reinvent Your Career? 2021 is the Year To Do It — Here’s How: With all the time at home right now, there’s never been a better time to take stock of your career, refresh your resume, and figure out what you want next.

The Everygirl | 10 Things to Know Before You Fly for the Holiday Season: While I’m not sure I would fly at this point, these are the things you should know before you get on a plane to keep both yourself and those around you safe.

Advice From a Thirtysomething | 8 Ways to Create a Swoonworthy Bedroom Now: Relaxation is more important than ever and I’m sharing ways to make your bedroom a restful sanctuary (hint: color, no color, it’s your choice!).

Advice From a Thirtysomething | 5 Ways to Get Yourself Organized in 2021: When I first pitched this article, I was imagining I’d share different ways to literally get organized. Like planner options. Instead, I went down a different rabbit hole and wrote about how to organize your life top to bottom.

Advice From a Thirtysomething | How to Set Up a Productive Home Office (Even in a Small Space): As someone who’s now been working from home since November 2017, I feel like I know a thing or two about setting up a home office. Here’s how and why you need a designated work space, not matter how small your place.

Advice From a Thirtysomething | Who Cares About Polite Conversation? Why We’re Talking About Politics With Friends and Family: This was actually inspired by a first date I went on back in 2016 where the guy refused to acknowledge huge news that had dropped regarding the primary minutes before we sat down. And, now, I think it’s even more important than it was then.

Advice From a Thirtysomething | Go Beyond the Usual Resolutions to Set Creative Goals: If you’ve read my posts on goals, you know that I like to expand on the eat healthier, exercise more resolutions to include hobbies and pursuits that actually enrich my everyday. Here are some ideas to get you started.

Advice From a Thirtysomething | Our Favorite Sustainable DTC & Sustainable Brands for Cozy Winter Style: Come on, get comfy. That’s the motto for this year. And here are some awesome brands to look into if you’re leveling up your at-home wardrobe.

Advice From a Thirtysomething | How to Build a Cozy Nighttime Routine During Anxious Times: Morning routines, nighttime routines. Y’all, we can’t get enough of putting intention around our days.

Advice From a Thirtysomething | Traveling for the Holidays? Here’s My Experience Flying in 2020: I dive into exactly how my experience was flying during the pandemic. I was fortunate to encounter empty flights and extreme precautions and, while I can’t guarantee that will be your experience, it’s worth a read if you find yourself in a position where you do have to fly.



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