The Best and Easiest Money-Saving Apps for Groceries and More

Today we’re going to chat about the easiest money-saving apps for groceries, toiletries, and more. I’ve been on the coupon and savings train ever since I was just out of college and, while I’m no longer a struggling 22-year-old, I’m still a big believer that if I can save and earn money with little to no effort, why wouldn’t I?

I have several apps on my phone that make it super easy to find discount on items that I’m buying anyway or, even easier, some of them link straight to my credit cards so that I earn points on ever single purchase. I’m not going to say these are major money makers, but it is a nice-to-have on items that I would buy regardless.

The Best and Easiest Money-Saving Apps


This is the interface that you’ll see in my image below. Ibotta is the most similar to clipping coupons. While I’m at the grocery store, I’ll either do a quick scroll through to see which items they’re offering cash back on or I’ll search by terms like, “yogurt” or “tea”, to see if there are cash back offers on particular brands that would make it worth buying. It’s even better when you can stack a sale with a cash back offer. Each time you get to $20 in cash back within the Ibotta app, you can cash out. Use my referral code ggeumax when you sign up!


Drop is linked to my credit card and I earn points automatically when I use that credit card with certain retailers like Amazon, Target, Sephora, and more. I love that this is completely mindless. I don’t do anything at all once I’ve linked my card. Sign up through my referral link here to get $5.


Similar to Drop, Dosh is linked to my credit card and I earn points automatically when I use that card. To be honest, I’ve had this on my phone forever but didn’t activate it until recently — and I wish I’d done it so much sooner. Dosh is linked to more hotels, restaurants, and retail brands, so I see different cash back here than I do with Drop. It’s always a welcome surprise to get an email letting me know I earned $10 back on a meal at a restaurant. Get $10 when you sign up through my referral link here.


If you like motivation to work out, Achievement is a great app to have running on your phone. While there are multiple ways to earn, mine is simply linked to my FitBit and I earn points towards cash back just by hitting my step goals. It’s slow earning, but I don’t need to do anything since it’s linked automatically. You can sign up here.

Target Cartwheel

If you have a Target card, then Cartwheel should definitely be on your phone. I simply scan each item as I put it in my cart and, if there’s an offer, it’ll pop up. It could be anything from 5% to 20%, and it’s so little effortNote: I’ve found that Target store brand items are more often on sale on the app!


best money saving apps


So, there you have it, the easiest money-saving apps that are on my phone. But, tell me, do you have other advice for must-have money-saving apps? Any I’m missing? I’d love to get your input!



    • May 27, 2021 / 8:24 am

      I’ve found it’s most useful for yogurt and nut milks specifically! I tend to use it the most at Whole Foods, which is kind of surprising!

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