Finally, A Proper Introduction: The C’est Bien Newsletter

If you’re already a subscriber, you’re probably thinking to yourself, “Why on earth are you telling us about this now…a year and a half after you launched?” Well, y’all, that’s because I never gave my newsletter a proper introduction here on the blog. Like many things I do in life, I got an idea and I jumped in. To be honest, it’s a quality I’m proud of. I never overthink a decision. I’m a big believer in just do it. 

That means I launched this newsletter on a whim. I got the idea one day and the name, C’est Bien, was an immediate no brainer — my last name + all the things I think are good currently. I looked at a few different newsletter platforms, chose one, wrote my first issue, and went for it. A year and a half later, I’ve switched to a different platform, changed up the content, and finally feel like it’s in a place that feels on brand.

Want to sign up? You can do so here!

Here’s What You Can Expect in the C’est Bien Newsletter

Each newsletter follows generally the same format. I kick it off with a short intro, share something seasonal or relevant, get into my favorite reads from around the internet since the last newsletter, share a coffee recipe I’m loving, recap recent blog posts and perhaps a throwback, cover a few recent favorite finds, and wrap it up with promo codes and deals for readers. I like to keep it consistent so you always know where to scroll to if there’s a particular section you like or something you know you want to read. 

As far as cadence goes, I’m not in a place currently where I can promise a weekly newsletter or even biweekly. I aim for it, but it’s not always realistic. Sometimes you may get it on Monday, sometimes it’s going to be Friday. My day job, freelance work, and Rosehill Cottage projects are higher priority and I fit this in when I can. But I promise it’s worth reading!

So, sign up and let me know what you think. A newsletter is the easiest way for content creators to get in front of their audience and I’m so happy you’re part of mine!

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