PrintFresh Review: Bagheera Leopard Print Pajamas

While I’ve had these Printfresh pajamas for a few months now, I wanted to wait until we were into spring to do a full Printfresh review. These pajamas are a crisp cotton poplin, so, if you’re like me and prefer a cozy pajama throughout the colder weather, this isn’t it. However, I knew I loved the print, I just wanted to wait for warmer weather to judge them accurately.

So, April 1, I’ve had a couple week of spring to try these babies out and here we are.

About Printfresh

If you’re on Instagram, you’ve probably been targeted with ads for Printfresh or seen influencers wearing their vibrant prints across your stories. The pajamas are gorgeous and they’re a refreshing change from the solid, muted jersey pajamas which have dominated bedtime routines for several years now (I love them, but it’s nice to mix it up!).

Printfresh’s big thing is their prints. The company was founded by a textile designer and all of their prints start as gouache paintings, which they turn into the patterns that adorn their organic cotton poplin fabrics. You’ll find dozens of vibrant, whimsical prints, but a few favorites include Strawberry Fields, Bagheera Leopard (which we’ll get into), and Good Dog.

Printfresh is in the business of pajamas — sleep shirts, sleep sets, robes, and nightgowns fill the pages of their online shop, and it’s kind of nice that they have just the one focus. I don’t want to sift through pages of other items, I just want pajamas. That’s what they do. And, yes, they make men’s, too.

Note: they also have a few weekender bag options that match their pajamas and, y’all, I’m tempted…the blue Bagheera leopard bag is giving me Vera Bradley Maison Blue vibes in an eclectic, updated way, and I’m here for it.

Lastly, they have a big focus on sustainability. I’ll be honest, I am in no way an expert on who’s really sustainable, but they do have an entire page dedicated to sustainable practices, and they seem to focus on meeting certain standards, as well as bucking the fast fashion cadence of new-new-new-clearance.


printfresh bagheera pajamas - printfresh leopard pajamas - printfresh review

Printfresh Bagheera Leopard Print Pajamas

When Printfresh asked me to choose a print, there was no doubt I was going to opt for the Bagheera Leopard Print in Sapphire. This print has my name all over it, from the big cats to the royal blue hue.

Printfresh describes this print beautifully, “Bagheera transports us to the markets of Old Delhi where artisans carefully paint tiny, stylized animals onto vintage postcards, their brushes so fine it almost looks as if they’re painting with air. Bagheera sits quietly beside an asoka bush, waiting to pounce on the next afternoon snack that passes her way. She is as poised as she is fearsome.”

I’m definitely on board with a brand that adds a vivid description to a print that I’m already in love with. One of the things I love about Printfresh is that they release each print in every possible pajama style, from shorts to pants to camis to nightgowns. It makes for the perfect mix and match situation.

I opted for what I thought would be the most versatile: the cami and cropped pants set and the robe. While you know I love a button up pajama set, there’s something so indulgent and adult about a matching robe and pajama situation. And I’m legitimately conflicted — if I was to get another Printfresh set, would I double down on more Bagheera Leopard pieces? Or would I opt for another cami, pants, and robe set?!

printfresh bagheera pajamas - printfresh leopard pajamas - printfresh review

Printfresh Review

Okay, now it’s time for my actual Printfresh review. You’re probably wondering, “Are these pajamas worth the money?” They’re pricey, for sure. The cami and cropped pants set I’m wearing here is $126, while the robe is $148, which, to be honest, is more than I would have spent before trying them.

However, after having worn them for several weeks, here’s my perspective: if you’re someone who prefers to invest in just a few really nice items, then I do think Printfresh pajamas have a place in your evening wardrobe. You can tell they are such high quality and they wear beautifully. The detail in the fabric is stunning, the colors are vibrant, and I absolutely love having the multiple mix and match pieces that all go together. The crisp cotton is just as luxurious as they make it out to be; I had zero issues with wrinkling (I actually was on my third day of wearing them without washing in these photos, whoops!).

I did have to size up in the pants. I got a small across the board at first, but couldn’t even pull the size small pants over my hips. They were comically small, and I noted that several reviewers on the website said the same. If you have any hips at all, do yourself a favor and order a size up.

Overall, I’d definitely recommend if you’re looking to splurge on nice pajamas. They live up to the Instagram hype and I imagine I’ll be in these all spring and summer long.

printfresh bagheera pajamas - printfresh leopard pajamas - printfresh review

printfresh bagheera pajamas - printfresh leopard pajamas - printfresh review

printfresh bagheera pajamas - printfresh leopard pajamas - printfresh review

printfresh bagheera pajamas - printfresh leopard pajamas - printfresh review

Printfresh gifted me these pajamas last year for an Instagram post, but I decided to write this review on my own since I love these pajamas so much!


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