River Travel Guide: A One Day Itinerary on the Rappahannock River

Since I’m so often asked for recommendations (which I’m delighted to provide!) by the guests at Rosehill Cottage, I thought I’d share a one day itinerary that I put together when two of my DC friends came to visit this past weekend. Apologies for the lack of photos, I started off strong and then…it’s hard to remember to take pictures when you’re having fun, right? Luckily, you sneak a peek at my friend Chesley’s Instagram, where she shared a handful of gorgeous photos.

One Day Itinerary on the Rappahannock River

This itinerary is a little bit idealized since we ran into some hiccups with all of the shops that are closed on Sundays. But generally this was the loose schedule we followed. And, for the record, we ordered small plates at Merroir, including an oyster po’ boy to split…and we went back for a second. Then my friends went back for a third on their way out of town the next day. It’s that good.

one day itinerary on the rappahannock river - merrior topping

Stop One: Grab lunch and a drink at Merroir. I’d highly recommend getting a dozen oysters (at least!), a light beer, an oyster po’ boy and sitting outside. Also excellent was the beet salad.

Stop Two: Explore Urbanna, a charming waterfront town with Victorian farmhouses, several restaurants, and a few cute shops. Pop in Low Tide Shop for gorgeous clothing, both men’s and women’s, or explore the ReSail Boutique for great secondhand finds (there’s always lot of Lilly in the window!). Stop by Urbanna Trading Company to grab cheese straws, wine, and snacks for happy hour later. Take a stroll through Waterman’s Park.

Stop Three: Keep the shopping going with a detour over to White Stone. Check out August Table for pretty linens or Pointe Provisions for incredibly well curated home finds. Pick up fresh produce and local farmer finds from Old Farm Truck Market.

Stop Four: Head home for a late afternoon dip and an early happy hour but, first, sing by J&W Seafood to pick up Rivah Dip and some crackers. Put on your bathing suit, crack open the bottle of wine you picked up earlier in Urbanna, and take in the salty smell of the brackish water as golden hour sets in.

Stop Five: After a busy day, you probably want to keep it easy. Order pizza from Delta Pie to bring in for dinner or, if you feel like getting dressed, head out to Portside or Urbanna Seafood and Raw Bar in Urbanna for casual waterfront seafood or go over to Table in Deltaville, an unassuming restaurant in a strip mall that has some of the best farm-to-table food in the area.

Last Stop: Come back to the house, light the fire pit, and open a bottle of bubbly to toast to a day well spent!

Also, I almost always take guests to Adrift, but, with just one day, we’ll save the nice evening out for next time!

one day itinerary on the rappahannock river - merrior topping


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