November To Do List: A Season for Relaxing and Gathering

I took a few months off from the monthly to-do lists while life was busy, but I’m back with the November to-do list, which, fittingly, focuses on a season of slowing down. This is a month for getting cozy, lighting the candles, and cooking that soup that takes more than your typical weeknight dinner. It’s time for intentionally sipping that cup of tea and taking the long way home to admire the block that always has the most beautiful gingko trees.

And, for me, it means I’m finally through the busiest season of the fall. October was certainly a less frantic month than September — somehow packed schedules seem less stressful when there isn’t something big waiting on the other end. I felt like I was able to take on a lot, accomplish a lot, and, while I could have savored the month more (I just remembered that’s my word for 2022, whoops), I did fit in weekend trips and time with friends. The last two weekends of October included a trip out to Shenandoah County (guide forthcoming!), a wine bus out to Virginia with DC friends, and a weekend at the cottage with two of my college friends. You can’t ask for much better, right?

My November To-Do List

Okay, now this November to-do list is perhaps ambitious given that we’re out of town two weekends out of the month. I’ll have to make the most of the time I do have in town! And I’m hoping to knock four of them out this weekend…stay tuned (to Instagram).

November to do list


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