The Everygirl Planner Review: Yes, I Ordered All Of Them

I first released this The Everygirl Planner Review in my newsletter last week. However, I received so many questions about it and several people subscribed after it had already sent, so I wanted to post the information here, too.

First things first, I’m a paper planner devotee. I look forward every January to the crisp new sheets of a new year. So, I like to consider myself a bit of a planner expert. I’ve tried everything from cheap $7 planners to the Cadillac of planners, Erin CondrenAnd I was pumped when I found out The Everygirl was releasing a line of planners at Target.

Disclaimer: I’m sure many of you know I’m a contributor for The Everygirl but, no, that doesn’t mean I got a discount on the planner, ha.

Because I’m picky about my planners and they came out with several options, I decided to order three versions (returning two!) to figure out which one best suited my needs. Here’s what I got: 30-Day Challenge Planner and the Daily/Monthly Planner.

The Everygirl Planner Review

All three have resources, lists, and notes to help you focus on the areas that you’re concentrating on in 2022 — these are the difference between the three planners that you have to decide works for you. Here’s the rundown.

the everygirl planner review

30-Day Challenge Planner

If you like to focus on one area at a time, this is the planner for you. In January, you’ll look at finances. February is health and fitness. March is career. July is hobbies. August is style. You’ll cover each area of your life with the lists and questions available within this planner. I prefer a more 360-degree approach but this is great if you’re into batching.

Daily/Monthly Planner

I *almost* went with this planner because I liked the plastic cover and the 5″x8″ size. It has a lot of great features, one of my favorite being that each day has its own page following the monthly page. The daily page has a top 3, hourly breakdown, and a to-do list. I love when the day is split out from the to-do because it lets you look at deadlines v. meetings/events v. errands or chores. There’s also a water tracker, which is fun (though I know I wouldn’t use it). I love how this planner looks at your goals from a holistic sense with pages dedicated to setting goals across areas from career to finance to hobbies, home, and style. Plus, it has action items to help you achieve these goals.

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the everygirl planner review


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