Are Lake Pajamas Worth It? Lake Pajamas Kimono Set Review

I’ve been meaning to write this Lake Pajamas Kimono Set review for a few months now because, if you’re in any proximity to Instagram, you’ve likely heard all the hype and wondered if Lake Pajamas are worth it. There’s so much hype. Every influencer seems to tout them, which doesn’t necessarily translate into truth, but I’d also heard about them from friends who I don’t normally throw into the easily influenced category.

These friends enjoy nice things but aren’t necessarily chasing the next big thing and yet they rave about them, racking up pair after pair and still going back for more. So when my mother-in-law asked what I wanted for Hanukkah this past year, for the first time ever, I had an immediate answer. Lake Pajamas.

Are Lake Pajamas worth it?

Short answer (and long?): yes. I’ll get into my full review of this specific pair, but I totally understand why people swear by them. I’ve had this Lake Pajamas Kimono Set for four and a half months now, and, while I’d say they’re one of the lightweight sets, I’ve still worn them many, many times. They’re incredibly soft, wear beautifully, and they, for lack of a better way to describe it, just make you feel pulled together.

Bottom line: Lake Pajamas are totally worth it.

Outfit details: Lake Pajamas Kimono Set | Teleties Mini Clip | Diamond Solitaire Necklace

lake pajamas kimono set review - are lake pajamas worth it

Lake Pajamas Kimono Set Review

I opted for the Lake Pajamas Kimono Set as my first pair of Lake Pajamas because the flattering, loungewear silhouette just spoke to me. This seemed like something I could wear while drinking a cocktail at home on a Friday night and feel dressed (dressed in that pajama kind of way). I went for Fog, since blue is almost always my color of choice.

What is the Lake Pajamas Kimono Set made of?

The Kimono Set is a different material than most of the Lake Pajamas, which are a pima cotton. Instead, these are a 95% modal, 5% spandex blend, which is that liquid-y soft material you may know from other pajama brands. I love it, but it is lighter weight and probably better suited for spring through fall than the depths of winter where I want flannel.

How does the Lake Pajamas Kimono Set fit?

The fit is loose yet flattering, with an interior tie and a belt — these actually stay tied, which is huge. Lake doesn’t overlook any details — the pants have a delicate ruffle along the elastic edge. And it’s all just so incredibly comfortable. I wear mine with a white tank underneath but, truly, you wouldn’t have to. It actually wears beautifully and doesn’t reveal too much.

Would I recommend the Lake Pajamas Kimono Set?

Yes! I feel so pulled together and pretty in it. It’s so comfortable, super lightweight, and snuggly soft. I’m hooked.

Will I get another pair of Lake Pajamas?

Absolutely! They’re definitely a splurge, but I want a pair of the pima cotton pajamas next. They’re the classics and the ones that everybody swears by. I have my eye on this set in Hydrangea and, obviously, I would want the Hydrangea robe to match!

And, if you’re an eagle eye and noticed 2:43 on the clock, yes, that’s when I took them — after a day of cleaning and doing yard work at the cottage, with 10 minutes before the guests arrived. Hence the no makeup look!

lake pajamas kimono set review - are lake pajamas worth it

lake pajamas kimono set review - are lake pajamas worth it

lake pajamas kimono set review - are lake pajamas worth it


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