April To Do List: Hosting, Cleaning, and Living Life Al Fresco

I’m already feeling optimistic about making my way through my April to do list, especially as I’m finally getting into a better routine on week seven of working for myself. I’m breaking my habits of working so long into the evening. I have a great and growing marketing and writing client roster in place. I’ve launched my next iteration of my design business. This is all letting me focus on a cadence of working that works best with my productivity and lets me actually get ahead — something that was totally impossible when I was only working on these projects from 8 PM to midnight every evening while working a day job and tied to Slack for most of my waking hours.

And it also frees me up to shift my schedule to working in the evening or early in the morning when I want to pursue fun things during the day — fun things like the items on this list and things that make for great content for here and on Instagram.

Also, it’s been amazing to see progress being made on my 2023 goals! I hinted at my career move in that post and it’s incredible it’s already happened.

This Year’s April To Do List

All that being said, April is off to the most gorgeous start. This morning, I got up early to garden, weeding, pulling all the daffodils that I’ve hated in our DC garden (I thought I got them all last year, but there were still more — they’re just better suited to a place where they can flop after blooming without taking over an entire yard…we don’t have the space!). I propagated a few more lavender plants and moved some hostas. My plan this year is not to buy any new plants at all. Instead, I’m going to work with what we have and just throw down some fresh mulch. Less is more.

I want to get out in the neighborhood and take some spring photos with my real camera, just as I did with the cherry blossoms a few weeks ago. I am going to switch out my closet tomorrow and get rid of more stuff (keep an eye on Poshmark!).  I’m going to attend my friend Betsy’s annual Seder and also decided last minute to host one with a couple friends the next night.

Plus, I want to create more of a demarcation between workday and evening. Something to make myself shut off the computer, and what better time to institute that than while it’s gorgeous outside, perfect for al fresco evenings?

Which, speaking of, sunscreen. I wear it on my face every day but now that short sleeves are back, it’s time to slather it on all over, every day.

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