Does the Barbour Annandale Run Small? How to Size Up

Does the Barbour Annandale run small? Short answer: 100% yes. Here’s how to make sure you get the right size.

I made the mistake of ordering the Barbour Annandale Quilted Jacket from Tuckernuck’s end-of-season sale a few years back. It was an incredible deal and I couldn’t resist adding another classic jacket to my collection.

But, when it arrived, it was a joke. Teeny, teeny tiny. Like couldn’t get my arms in tiny.

I wrote them an email, acknowledging my final sale situation, but asking if they might make an exception. Perhaps this jacket was mis-marked? Maybe it was a child’s jacket disguised as an adult’s? These are the exact questions I asked, if I recall correctly. I’m not sure if they’d run into this before (presumably, yes), but they did offer to make an exception and refund me. 

Does the Barbour Annandale Run Small?

After that incident, I avoided the Annandale for a few years. However, while strolling through the shops along Edenton, NC’s Main Street, I spotted an Annandale and, with spring temperatures dipping into the 50s (I was woefully poorly packed), I decided to give it another shot. 

In other Barbour jackets, I typically wear a size 4. Both of my quilted Beadnells are size 4 and so is my waxed Beadnell (I would have perhaps sized up to a 6 in the waxed if I were to buy it now, though I think I’m more likely to buy the Beaufort now). 

So, even though none of the reviews I can find mention that the Barbour Annandale runs small, I can assure you it does — I ended up going with a size 8. 

does the barbour annandale run small - how to find the right size barbour

How to Find the Right Size in the Annandale

You could follow my lead and go two sizes up. However, there was a size 8 and a size 12 left, and I tried on both. The 12 was not significantly bigger than the 8. I’d say the 8 is perfect for a tailored look. I can layer underneath it, but it’s not incredibly roomy. I’d go three sizes up if you want to be able to put, for example, a sweater plus a vest underneath it. Which you might want to do! Because the Annandale is a lighter weight jacket, it’s great for both late spring days and layering.

Also, the sleeves and wrists definitely run smaller than the body, so also consider that and how that relates to your own figure. If you have more muscular arms, perhaps go three sizes up right off the bat.

With the Annandale, you’re not going to regret a slightly bigger fit but, trust me, if you can’t button that baby up, you’re definitely going to regret spending the money. She’s cute unbuttoned, but you’ll want the option.

does the barbour annandale run small - how to find the right size barbour

does the barbour annandale run small - how to find the right size barbour


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