Where to Buy Vintage Silk Scarves & My Favorite Nautical Silk Scarves

Find out where to buy vintage silk scarves, as well as shop my favorite nautical silk scarves that I’ve found around the internet.

My first ever scarf was a small white, royal blue, yellow, and red square covered in nautical flags, a vintage relic my great uncle Bernardo had given my mom years before. I snagged it sometime in high school as I was hashing out my personal style. I loved (and still love!) it’s classic, nautical look and how it could easily be worn tied as a sash in my hair, adding a nostalgic, summer touch.

Since then, I’ve acquired a few more nautical silk scarves, including this one I’m wearing here. This scarf is technically vintage, though its been in my possession since day one. It’s cycled in and out of my wardrobe, sometimes neglected for a season, other times making multiple appearances in a week, as it just did. And, this year, it seems it’s leading the charge as a I rediscover my love affair for all things nautical.

Where to Buy Vintage Silk Scarves

I keep my eye out for vintage silk scarves everywhere from thrift stores to antique shops to high end consignment shops, but you can also easily find them on Etsy for incredible prices, even if you have to pay for shipping. I always look for a tag that says 100% silk, but it’s always kind of a gamble. I’ve even noticed on scarves that I’ve gotten from certain well-known shops in DC that the tag on one of their “silk” scarves will says silk, while another will say polyester.

But regardless, I look for a nice weight, edges that aren’t unraveling, and a design that isn’t fading. And I always look for a deal, though if you’re up for splurging on vintage Hermès scarves, there’s certainly a market for that, too.

Where to Buy Vintage Silk Scarves - My Favorite Nautical Silk Scarves - how to wear a vintage nautical scarf

My Favorite Nautical Silk Scarves

I scouted Etsy for some of the best nautical silk scarves, from smaller neck bandanas to large scarves you could wrap around your shoulders or even wear as a top. They’re also across price points, starting at $15.

How to Wear a Nautical Scarf

While I usually wear a scarf as a necklace or over my shoulders (see this blog post here about how I style a silk scarf with a t-shirt!), with this nautical scarf, I wanted to try something a little bit different. It’s a smaller scarf, not as big as my usually 48″ squares. I tried it around my neck, which looks so Parisienne chic on some people, but I just can’t pull it off. And I often fall back to tying it around my purse, which is a great quick option, but lately I’ve been loving it tied around my waist, particularly with shirtdresses. It adds a subtle feminine touch. You simply roll it up and tie it, leaving just enough at the ends to add a little knot, without overwhelming the look. Super easy, super simple, super chic.

Where to Buy Vintage Silk Scarves - My Favorite Nautical Silk Scarves - how to wear a vintage nautical scarf


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