Let’s Talk About the Kitchen Lamp + 9 Charming Kitchen Lamps

Let’s talk about the kitchen lamp. For a few years, perhaps decades, they quietly disappeared from the countertop landscape. They had their heyday in the countrified kitchens of the 1980s, and they never went out per se, but they certainly weren’t topping the lists of must-haves when outfitting a kitchen.

I say this as I realize we’ve had a kitchen lamp for the past four years — a necessity borne out of our lack of overhead lighting in the condo.

But, with the emergence of cottage-core and the affinity for all things nostalgic seems to have caused a shifting tide

Is the Kitchen Lamp Back?

Martha Stewart Living says yes, so that must mean it’s true, right? I’ve tried this little lamp out in the kitchen and it’s definitely a nice opportunity to add another styling detail. Since I avoid having too many appliances or kitchen accoutrements out on the countertop, things can sometimes veer too sterile. By adding a little lamp, I have a chance to add color, texture, and a little bit of glow.

But I realized that there’s one key to getting the kitchen lamp right. It has to be easy to clean. It took me all of two minutes to realize this white shade was not going to be realistic this close to the oven. If it was across the kitchen and it’s only neighbor was the toaster? Great. Within two feet of potential pasta sauce? Not so great.

And scale is critical. It has to be small. Dainty. The type of lamp you’re not sure where else it could go, but it nestles perfectly under your cabinets. With this little guy below, we’ve got plenty of room above it. There’s no crowding. It just sits here like a little gold moment.

A Few of the Most Charming Kitchen Lamps

Now, if you’re looking at the pineapple lamp above thinking perhaps it’s time for you to consider a kitchen lamp, I’ve got you covered. I found a few of the most charming kitchen lamps from around the internet, including a few pineapple options. There are budget-friendly styles and a few splurges. My favorites are the pleated shades and the chinoiserie lamps. So, so delightful.


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