Clarins Sun

For a fair skinned girl like me, sunscreen is a daily necessity, not reserved just for beach days. While I do enjoy the scent of coconut on occasion, I tend to steer clear of products that are overwhelmingly beachy and gravitate towards those that are designed with sun protection and anti-aging rather than a golden tan in mind.

These two from Clarins are among my favorites. The Sunscreen Oil Spray is my go to sunscreen for body because not only is it effective and hydrating, but it leaves my skin with a subtle glow. It’s not like “oh hey I’m slathered in oil!”, it’s just a slight dewy and healthy glow. For my face, the Wrinkle Control Cream SPF 50+ absorbs well and feels lightweight, yet is also an appropriate formula for days when I will be getting a little more sun than usual. 

While these are my two favorite Clarins sunscreen products, here are links to some of their other options. I know not everyone is looking for 50+ SPF like I am and some people prefer oil-free products, so definitely check these out!

And, if you happen to be looking for a turkish towel like the one in the pictures above, here are links to some of my favorites online. I bought mine a couple weeks ago and love having it for picnics and anytime I have a little bit of time to sit outside and read. My favorite options are definitely those from One Kings Lane.


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