Friday Links

Happy Friday! I hope y’all had a great first week of August… but seriously where has the summer gone?! I have a lot of summer activities to cram into the next month, and a lot of stand up paddle boarding thanks to a friend that talked me into buying a season pass. Yup, we’ve gone 0 times since buying the pass a month and a half ago. So, if you want to SUP, let me know. I’m in.

Also, I’m letting you in on a blogger secret today. The picture below is one of the MANY pictures that never made the blog. So often I’ll take pictures for a post and then they just don’t turn out quite the way I wanted. This particular one, I loved the colors and closeups, but the full body shots weren’t flattering. So this workout outfit (pants similar to these and a top similar to this) was never fated to make the blog.

Now, on to some of the articles and items that have made their way into my bookmarks this week. At the end of the post, to make it easy for you, you’ll find links to any of the products I’ve mentioned.

  • Even though I’m someone that loves makeup and spends more at Sephora than I’d like to admit, this article is an enlightening glimpse into how much more women spend than men just to be presentable.
  • I’ve finally gotten through the first few books on my summer reading list and am starting Aziz Ansari’s book Modern Romance. A friend of mine just finished it and is raving about it, so I’m pumped to find some downtime to jump in this weekend. 
  • There are a few recipe posts coming up on the blog, so I’m studying up on these food styling tips. It’s all in the presentation and photographs.
  • I’m in the midst of organizing myself and this blog(isn’t it funny how this time of year is still reset time even when we’re no longer in school?), and found this article so helpful especially since I’ve been all over the place this summer with all my transitions in life. 


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