Friday Links

Friday! Finally! This was a rare week where I had zero after work plans, yet contrary to what I thought would happen, the week actually seemed longer. More productive perhaps, but longer. It’s about time for the weekend. 

It’s been a while since I’ve done a post with my favorite links from the week, but I had enough random things to share with y’all today that I thought one was in order. Without further ado…

  • Trunk Club has launched a women’s line! I’m so excited to try it out. The aesthetic of some of the other clothing subscription boxes has never worked with my style, but I’m confident Trunk Club will hit the nail on the head. My first trunk is en route, so expect a post next week with more details, but basically you work with a stylist to put together a trunk and then you keep what you want, send back what you don’t, and you only pay for the items you keep—no shipping or other fees. You can check it out here and work with my friend Caitlin who is a stylist with Trunk Club! 
  • By now I’m sure you’ve heard about the model that quit social media because she says it’s all fake. This is an issue that comes up again and again, but it’s nothing new. We’ve been hearing this argument for years; it used to be made primarily in regard to women’s magazines, and now it’s moved to Instagram as its target. I believe most people follow these Instagram “celebs” and bloggers because they love looking at beautifully curated, intentional, and inspiring content, so why wouldn’t they be putting their best face forward? Editorial accounts are purposefully created and carefully branded, and there’s no reason to shame them for that.
  • Last week in Miami, the friends we stayed with made coffee every morning with frothed milk. It’s so easy that I’m not sure why it’s never occurred to me to do the same at home! It makes every cup of coffee just a little bit more special. I’m adding this to my shopping list for the weekend.
  • There were so many fantastic fall outfits across the blog world this week! Some of my favorites included ones from Krista, Sydney, Mary, and Julia.
  • I just discovered the classes on Brit + Co. and I’m so excited to sign up for a few! Brush Calligraphy and Hand Lettering are the two classes that are first on my agenda, but I’m also tempted by the Calligraphy 201 since I took a wonderful class in person with Lauren Essl this past summer.
  • Julie Leah has put together a few posts for bloggers on planning holiday content and while I’m in a bit of denial that I have got to get on that, I’m definitely going to refer back to her advice! In order to make these posts as helpful as possible for readers, it is essential to have a plan.
  • Another Miami discovery was made while I was strolling around the arts district of Wynwood. While I was in creative inspiration overload, I happened to walk into a Marine Layer shop. How had I never heard of this brand before?! I got the softest quilted sweatshirt and am cursing the weather this week for being too warm to wear it. It didn’t hurt that the two employees in there were fawning over my overalls. We became fast friends.
  • This article from The Everygirl will resonate with so many of my peers, especially those in urban areas where we are surrounded by other Type A’s rushing from one obligation to the next, all while totally plugged in, and not necessarily considering whether our busyness is merited or manufactured. I prefer to have a full schedule, but it’s worth evaluating what’s actually taking up my time, especially when I find there are important to-do’s lingering week after week.

Wow, apparently I was feeling long-winded today! Hopefully you made it through all that, and stay tuned because I’m going to have the apple recipe that I promised on Instagram up this weekend. I don’t mind it getting dark early, but it makes it so difficult to photograph posts during the week! Hope you all have a wonderful and fall filled weekend!


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