Here we go 2016…

Well, here’s my 2016 resolutions post—and only 6 days late! Though to be fair, I’ve already been making headway on my resolutions, and isn’t that what really counts?

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  • Working on the blog! At the end of 2014, I worked with a designer to revamp my blog entirely, this past year I made some subtle changes to the look, thought about changing the name and branding to my own name or some iteration thereof, ultimately decided against it—I believe for the better, and this coming year, I’m going to change up the format… on my own. We’ll see how that tests, and hopefully grows, my skills. In other blog goals, I want to stick to an editorial calendar, be more proactive in working with brands, invest in a 50mm f/1.4 lens, take another blog trip (or two or three!), and, obviously, increase my following. I also have plans to up the ante on my outfit posts, which includes doing a shoot with a professional photographer this coming weekend!
  • Starting grad school! I applied this week for a program I’m super excited about. Grad school has been on my radar for several years now, but finding the right program and justifying the ROI were two things that eluded me. Fingers crossed I get in and all works out!
  • Traveling! I’ve got a handful of trips booked so far this year—Savannah, London, Iceland—but I’m eager to add more to the docket. And since taking a photography class this past fall, I am feeling confident and inspired to take more pictures and feature travel prominently on here. 
  • Simplifying! No surprise here, I’m a bit OCD about organization and keeping my home clutter free. At this point in life, I just embrace it, and am continuing to try to take any found minutes to get rid of things, simplify belongings, and make my apartment feel as light as possible. It’s amazing what you can accomplish in even ten minutes. Don’t worry though, I’m not going to go crazy and do a capsule wardrobe or anything like that though, because that is just crazy.
  • Being as healthy as possible! Within moderation. I started 2016 off by getting out of bed way too late, with a bourbon hangover, and then finally got around to eating half a quesadilla at 5 PM. I had Chick Fil A—spicy chicken sandwich, beaucoup de Chick Fil A sauce—on Monday. I took three days off from working out. Sometimes that’s going to happen. But now I’m back on track and I’m going to do my best to eat clean, whole foods (haven’t been great about this…), make green smoothies every morning (I have, however, been good about this in recent months!), and keep up with using ClassPass at least 5 times a week. Oh, and getting 7-8 hours of sleep… which I don’t do at this point, but I should, and I will.
  • Cultivating creativity! I want to be better about writing and making sure my creative hobbies don’t fall by the wayside when work, blogging, Junior League, and friends get busy. After taking a calligraphy class at a local letterpress studio last year and following way too many artists on Instagram, I discovered hand lettering and realized that’s an artistic endeavor that is perfect for the handwriting obsessed. Also, while I take barre classes several times a week, I want to be better about going to actual ballet classes. Dancing is such a different expression from simply standing at a barre and lift-tone-burning, and I miss it when I don’t fit it into my schedule. Plus, there’s a studio so close to my apartment that I have no excuse.
  • Reading! You can never know too much. Anyone have recommendations for my 2016 reading list? 

So, there you have my resolutions. 2016 is feeling like a year that will bring with it big changes. Not that I’ve ever felt complacent, but a big birthday last year and some personal life shake ups early in the year definitely put me in the headspace of figuring out what it is I want and now I have the plan and motivation in place. Cheers to another year!


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  1. Amanda B.
    January 6, 2016 / 5:45 pm

    I'm all about reading! I have more recommendations that you will probably want haha but here are a few: Anything by JoJo Moyes, All the Light We Cannot See, all Gillian Flynn books, and Pretty Girls!

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