Wednesday Links

I went on a book buying spree (as I often do) last week and picked up the book below. I started reading it yesterday and couldn’t put it down—it’s currently in my bag and I plan on picking it up again for a little lunchtime reading. Below I have it paired with a few of my current beauty and accessory favorites. This just slightly dark cult classic lipstick, iconic red nail polish, a tortoise barrette (I recently discovered I can wear my hair half up!), and a timeless silk scarf.

Now, a few links that I’ve come across over the past few days…

  • Earlier today a friend sent me a link to Anthropologie‘s home line, Terrain, which I hadn’t heard of before. An hour later, my dad sent a link to this article talking about how Anthropologie is struggling with clothing sales, but their home sales are up. Mostly, I’m concerned that this article says skinny jeans are on their way out.
  • And then, of course, I continued down the rabbit hole and here’s the original article calling for the end of the skinny jean as the way to get people excited about fashion again. I was happy to see jeggings go, but sorry, I’m just not jumping on the flare train.
  • Kristyn’s post on decoding Like to Know it is SO unbelievably helpful! I know a lot of people are still a bit confused when they see links in Instagram posts and she breaks it down for you perfectly. I love that we can shop blogger’s posts—and I love that I can refer y’all to the items in mine!
  • It’s Women’s History Month, so take a minute to read this career advice from women who are calling the shots in fashion.
  • Speaking of Women’s History Month, this evening I went to F*it hosted by Worn. They brought in three inspiring, strong women to tell their stories of struggle and success. All three speakers were wonderful, but Michelle Freeman blew the crowd away with her own brand of hard edged vulnerability and honesty.
  • I love Levo’s quick reads on creativity and everyday work advice. This one caught my eye today. 
  • If you’ve a few minutes, this throwback, way back, is worth a read and look.

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