Valentine’s Day Beauty Treats

There’s nothing like a little something to make you feel pretty as a pick me up, so when Valentine’s Day is around the corner, beauty products in perfectly themed Valentine packaging are just what you need for a treat for yourself or a friend. I love Clarins products—I’ve posted about them many, many times before, and when you add in pink, red, and hearts, they becomes an absolute must have.

The Skin Illusion Blush comes in the cutest container with an applicator built in. Considering how much travel I have coming up this winter, products that take up minimal space and eliminate the need for bringing an extra tool are high on my list of favorites. Of course I can never have enough lip products, and natural looking glosses and balms are perfect for throwing in a purse to always have on hand. The Daily Energizer Lovely Lip Balm has a sheer peachy pink tint and is the ultimate every day color.

If you’re curious about this adorable “underwear dance party” card, it’s from Miss Pixie’s in DC. They have a ton of quirky, hilarious, slightly scandalous Valentine’s Day cards to cover every possible Valentine. It was a tough choice, but this one was too perfect not to get.


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