Deco at my Desk

Even in a small apartment like mine, getting wireless signal from the kitchen to the living room to the bedroom can be a challenge, and it’s especially shaky by my desk—I always take that for some sort of cruel joke that the exact place I need to do work is where I can’t! That’s why I was so excited to hear about TP-Link’s new Deco M5 wi-fi system which is a whole home wireless system that takes your wireless signal and boosts it throughout the entire home.

I have one of the Deco units sitting right on my desk and no longer am I wondering why my pictures won’t upload and listening to podcasts sound shaky when I’m in that particular corner of my apartment.

Curious about the my go to desk items? I bought this Parsons desk a few years ago and its small size makes it perfect for apartment living. The Louis XIV Ghost Chair is a steal from Amazon and makes for a gorgeous modern accent. I spotted this cherry blossom candle at Paper Source last week and just had to pick it up—it’s a necessity for any Washington home. And this pineapple gold trinket dish with matching paper clips was a gift from my aunt that is one of my absolute favorites in my home.


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