Monday Links From My Desk

Thank god for a new week. It’s been quite a week or so for me. Started off last weekend with my uber account getting hacked by Russians (literally.  I watched them take trips all over Russia in uber black cars.) and learned that uber deserves their terrible reputation. 2 cancelled credit cards and a closed Paypal account later, finally got all the money back. Had to cover an event at work last Monday that started at 8:30 p.m., which is fine, except that I’m in class Tuesday and Thursday nights so there went any opportunity for free time to work on my project for class, or have, you know, actual free time And then, Hampden came down with pancreatitis, so we’ve been back and forth to the vet multiple times. So, basically I’m sitting here wondering where the heck the days are going.

But, it’s Monday, a new week, Hampden’s on the mend, and I’m back to posting to Instagram regularly, and here I am even getting a blog post up. Of course, it’s just a link round up, but that’s something!

  • Anthropologie is having a huge summer tag sale. I already picked up this nightgown and I’m also tempted by this jumpsuit. And,
    can you really turn down a travel coffee mug for under $8? They’re also offering free shipping on orders over $150, which is a lifesaver since Anthro shipping is usually fairly steep.
  • Anyone in the DC area in the market for some furniture? I’ve got a few pieces I must sell before moving and I’d love to see them go to a good home! I have dressers perfect for someone who wants a blank slate for refinishing, and a hutch for someone with a bit more square footage than me.
  • Speaking of moving, I’ve already started to pick up a few pieces for the new apartment. This rug (I saw this on Ashlee’s home tour and coudnt resist!) and this duvet. I’m going very Euro in the new apartment and getting rid of the flat sheet on my bed and instead doing two duvets. 
  • I took a class at The Lemon Collective this past weekend on Travel Sketching. They have so many small, creative classes there and you walk away feeling like you have a new perspective on things. I wish I could fit more classes into my schedule!


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