Front Doors of Historic Annapolis, Maryland

I started off my Fourth of July weekend with a quick trip to Annapolis, Maryland. Just under an hour away from DC, Annapolis is one of my favorite places to get away from the city. Every time I go, I discover something new to appreciate and, on this particular visit, I became absolutely obsessed with front doors throughout the historic downtown.

Down every side street, there are quaint row homes, some in vibrant colors, others in classic seaside neutrals. Adorning the doors are wreaths of every imaginable flower and nautical combination and I’ve captured a few of the standouts below.

The yellow door caught my attention for the color, but I quickly realized that it was the side door of this house that I featured just last week in a #TBT Insta post. They’ve painted all the doors yellow! It gave the classic New England house a bit of sunshine and I’m loving the new look.

Stay tuned because this weekend I’m finishing up a recap of the rest of the trip — a stay at the Annapolis Waterfront Hotel, a cruise on the Schooner Woodwind, as well as recommendations for all your meals and shopping.


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