A Sneak Peek at the Apartment and Life Updates

IT’S FRIDAY! And it’s about time. Last weekend seems like ages ago, and I’m more than ready for a long weekend. We’ll be mostly sticking around DC this weekend, though we’re headed down to Charlottesville tomorrow for the UVA v. William and Mary game. It’s going to be a real nail biter, I’m sure…

There have been lots of changes happening around here lately, so I thought I’d take a post to fill you in on everything new in my life.

Though, before I get started, here’s a little peek at the new apartment (it’s cozy!) and below are sources for a few of the items I have. You can click through the images to shop.


  • You may have noticed that the blog name changed to just my actual name! First of all, I felt like I had outgrown the original blog name — I named it back in the days when everybody was going the Cupcakes and Cashmere route. I wanted a more professional name at this point. Second, while I still like the name Pineapples and Pearls, the restaurant by the same name in DC had become an issue. The bump in traffic was great at first, but eventually the cons outweighed the pros. So many people would see my email signature or business card and immediately assume I worked for the restaurant. I get tagged in posts and articles about them all the time on social media. Plus, I’m still waiting for a free dinner for taking my blog name…I mean, come on, did they really not google the name before they bestowed it upon one of the most hyped restaurants in DC in ages?

  • I switched jobs! I absolutely loved doing digital communications for the Newseum. It’s an amazing museum in DC that you should definitely visit and the First Amendment mission is one that I feel strongly about. However, I knew that I wanted to switch out of the non-profit world. I came across a position on a travel blogger list serv, applied on a whim, and within three weeks started a new job. I am working for a creative agency doing digital content and copywriting on site at Marriott’s corporate headquarters. It was the perfect move to merge my day job with my travel writing and so far, so good. 

  • Adam and I moved in together — and I moved over to H Street (fitting, right?). We’d been house hunting since this past winter to no avail, and eventually my lease was up and we had to find an apartment. This is probably a post on its own, and perhaps it will be in the next week or so, but it’s been fun decorating a new space in an almost gender neutral fashion, exploring a new neighborhood, and not having to deal with the logistics of existing between two places. It’s amazing how much more free time I have now that I’m not coordinating schedules quite so much…I mean this is my fifth blog post this week! That was unimaginable when I was always back and forth between Dupont and Hill East. Another so far, so good!

So, there you have all my big life changes that happened this summer! I’m looking forward to a fall of continuing to settle into a new routine and hopefully keep on keeping on with the productivity on the blog.


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