Rainy Day Essentials

Typically, September rolls around, it stays hot well into the month, then all of a sudden, it’s freezing cold. No fall to speak of. But this year, it seems that fall weather is settling in, and early. Rainy and cool was the name of the game today which meant pulling out all those rainy day essentials. With a classic trench coat, a quirky umbrella, and a pair of wellies, you’ll be set for anything that heads your way.

Also, excuse the amateur collage…my computer took a turn for the worse this week and I can’t get into Photoshop…the internet…it’s pretty much a blogger disaster. I’m hoping to have time to get to the Apple Store before the end of the week, fingers crossed.

1. Umbrella / 2. Rain Boots / 3. Trench Coat

You can shop this trench coat as well as a whole slew of other options from the super classic to the pleated to the piped to the feminine. I opted for a timeless three quarter length trench a few years ago and it’s a coat I’ll reach for again and again for years to come.


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