From Clarins to It Cosmetics to Maple Holistics, My Fall Beauty Favorites

It’s been a while since I’ve done a round up of my favorite beauty products! I’m always trying new products, so it seems that every couple weeks there’s something else added to the rotation. However, several of these products have been on my bathroom counter for well over a year now, so you know they’re absolute winners.

As someone with a porcelain complexion, I’m never without my sunscreen and Clarins makes some of the best products I’ve found. With high SPF’s and formulas that are specifically made for face, these sunscreens are a luxurious way to protect yourself from the sun. I love stashing the sunscreen stick in my purse for days when I’m on the go.

Another Clarins product that’s in constant rotation is the Shaping Facial Lift Wrap. Whenever I have a little more time to get ready for the day or for a big night out, I love to relax with a face mask. This mask makes my entire face feel rejuvenated and toned no matter how tired I am. On the face mask note, this Rose Face Mask from Fresh is at the opposite end of the mask spectrum but is another one of my favorites. It’s a wonderful, hydrating mask that’s perfect when my skin is feeling a bit dull and dry.

I picked up the Acure Moroccan Argan Oil at Whole Foods when I was in desperate need of a facial oil and didn’t have time to order one. Much to my delight, this is just as good as any argan oil I’ve ever ordered from Sephora, and it’s a fraction of the price. 

Along the same budget lines, I picked up Homéoplasmine ointment at a pharmacy while in Paris. I had already planned on stopping in a pharmacy to stock up on all of the French beauty supplies you read about online, but this one ended up a clutch last minute addition. I was having issues with a dry patch under one eye and this ointment cleared it up within a day. It was also a must when I had some bizarre hives reaction to the Blue Lagoon…

I’m usually not picky about my hair products, but I’ve been loving how my hair looks while using this Maple Holistics Tea Tree Shampoo. It’s a refreshing shampoo that wakes me up in the morning and leaves my hair feeling healthy and clean all day long. If you’re interested in trying out Maple Holistic’s paraben free products, you can sign up for their Free Sample Program here.

Lastly, It Cosmetics is one of my go to makeup and skincare lines, and their latest release, the Miracle Water 3-in-1 Glow Tonic is another amazing product. I reach for this after washing my face morning or evening and it gives me a little refreshing kick before I apply my moisturizer. Am I feeling glowier? Yup, I think so.

You can shop all of my current favorite beauty products using the links in this post or in the images below. Like I’ve said, I try countless products every month, so you can always reach out to me for recommendations or let me know what type of products you’d like to see me discuss on the blog! I’m all ears!


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