Tuesday Thoughts

It’s Tuesday, y’all! And somehow I’m already counting down the hours to the weekend. Maybe it’s because this past weekend was the first relaxing weekend Adam and I have had in DC in ages, and now I’m craving that downtime again. Seeing friends,
having a few cocktails, it was the perfect mix of plans and free time.

Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love our lifestyle of traveling frequently, but every once in a while, it’s nice to just kick back and take it easy. The other benefit is that with a free weekend, my weekday evenings are less stressed! I had time for a barre class, cooking dinner, finishing a blog post, and then taking a bubble bath with a glass of red wine last night — crazy! Now, I’ve got a few things that are on my mind this Tuesday for you…

  • I’ve seen a lot of tweets flying around about what lifestyle bloggers should and shouldn’t do during times of national tragedy. There are many people that feel its frivolous or disrespectful to post about style, travel, food, and whatnot when much of the nation is grieving. I get that argument. I see where it’s coming from. However, those of us with “normal” day jobs still went to work yesterday. Still were expected to perform our duties and earn an income. It is not fair to ask bloggers to give up their work and income just because it is more forward facing than what most of us do on a daily basis. To that end though, if a blogger is posting a heartfelt message regarding a crisis or tragedy and then includes a LIKEtoKNOW.it link — that IS extraordinarily tacky. Keep on doing your work and living life, but don’t try to monetize a crisis.
  • I’m not going to turn into a wedding blogger, but I do have some engagement and wedding themed posts in the works. Adjusting to living with a significant other, to go ring shopping or not to go ring shopping, and our engagement story are the posts I’m thinking of right now. Any other topics y’all would like to see?
  • Perhaps it’s because I’m trying to save money after decorating the apartment and traveling, but we’ve been cooking up a storm lately. Some of my favorite recipes I’ve made include this chicken with roasted red pepper sauce (recommendation: get some naan bread to soak up the amazing sauce) and these fried avocado tacos.
  • With France and Iceland now behind us, I’m feeling a little antsy to book another trip, and perhaps that trip should involve warm weather relaxation. Check out all my tips for booking cheap travel here.
  • Speaking of travel, I wanted something for our apartment that could commemorate all our trips, but nothing felt quite right. Finding a print or map in each city was an idea we both liked, but we simply don’t have the wall space for that. Finally, I landed on the old school route of a map that we can pin. I found one that was reasonably priced on Amazon and threw in some gold push pins. Done.
  • As I’m planning my fall style content, it dawned on me that I have barely bought an item of clothing in recent months. I picked up a pair of earrings at a pop-up shop the other day, and a pair of socks in Iceland, but other than that, it’s been a lot of remixing classic pieces that I already own. Maybe it’s because I’m so limited in space in my new apartment, but I’m totally embracing the idea of semi-minimalism.

Curious about the items in my dresser vignette? This print from Minted is one of my favorite pieces of art in my apartment — the colors totally complement the navy and white bedroom while adding a pop of color. I found this oyster ring dish during my Charleston shopping excursion, but I’ve linked a similar option from Etsy below. Also, speaking of Charleston, the bracelet is a rice bead bracelet from Candy Shop Vintage. And the candle…omg, the candle. I had actually bought this exact candle for a hostess gift in the past just because I liked its local vibe, but then someone brought it for our housewarming and now I’m obsessed. The scent when burning is strong without overpowering and it’s the perfect warm fall fragrance. This is what I want my home to smell like always.


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