Looking Good in Loungewear

Okay, who actually wears real clothes around the house? Not me. But, I do like to think I’m somewhat of a loungewear connoisseur at this point in my life. Gone are the days of college t-shirts and oversized shorts. At this point I like my around the house clothes to look as good as they feel. I want to get into something comfortable, grab a cup of tea, and live the hygee life when I’m around the house.


When I get home the first thing I do is slip into my comfy clothes and some of my all time favorite, and comfiest, pieces are Cuddl Duds layers from Macys. The lightweight leggings and tops are perfect for layering, especially since I’m constantly back and forth between too warm and too cold. Every time I wear these, it reminds me of something a now married friend said as she was buying yet another loungewear top to wear around her single girl apartment, “someday when I find a boyfriend, he’s really going to appreciate how great I look in my loungewear.” I laugh whenever I think of that, because I doubt she’s the only one among us buying just as many pieces to wear around the house as out of it.


I love the range of cool neutrals available from Cuddl Duds — I’m always mixing and matching pieces in shades of gray and black. Because I do like to look pulled together, even around the house, the options of layers and pieces that can be paired together makes throwing on a loungewear outfit super easy. I don’t have to worry about which pieces are in the laundry because everything goes together. You can even wear many of them as layers for your everyday outfits — lightweight fitted tees are perfect for layering underneath a cardigan or jacket. 


I’m wearing the cowl-neck tunic and the soft knit leggings. I love that the cowl-neck of the tunic dresses it up a bit and elevates it over your standard t-shirt or sweatshirt. Plus, the drape of the hem hides your behind, so if you’re the kind of person who adamantly feels that leggings are not pants, you’re covered (full disclosure: I DO believe leggings are pants, but I appreciate those who disagree, haha.) The leggings have a hem at the bottom that reminds me of sweatpants, but way more flattering, and the heather charcoal switches it up a bit from your standard black legging.


Once you have your Cuddl Duds loungewear on, it’s time to relax. Take advantage of the fact it gets darker earlier and really settle in to creating a cozy space. Drink some sleepytime tea out of your favorite mug, read a book, make yourself comfortable. Let’s take this winter at a slower pace.


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