Taking Care of Your Skin: Prepping Your Skin

As I’ve talked about many times before, I’m a huge fan of Clarins products. From their skincare to their makeup, I’ve loved almost every product I’ve tried. I use the Hydra-Essentiel Rich Cream and UV Plus Suncreen every morning, and I’m never without one of the Instant Light Lip Oil whenever I’m out and about. Well, now I have a new every day product to add to my routine.


I can’t say enough about using a primer before doing your makeup, even if you don’t use foundation, which I don’t. I’ve gone through a few favorites, but after trying Clarins Beauty Flash Balm, I’m all in. While it’s not marketed solely as a primer, it is intended to create a smooth, matte canvas under your makeup, but with added bonuses that you don’t necessarily always find in a primer.


No matter how tired I’m feeling…or looking… this Clarins Beauty Flash Balm gives my skin a shot of tightening, brightening, and refreshing. It has olive, witch hazel, and algae extract in its ingredients, which tighten your skin and give it a refreshed appearance. My skin feels more alive and more done when I add this to my morning routine, so much so that I’ve started using it every day.

The best part? You apply a thin layer after your moisturizer and sunscreen, and this beauty balm leaves you feeling radiant and glowy, while taking away the oily sheen that sometimes is left behind form a moisturizer. You don’t lose that dewy effect, but you also don’t feel like you need to immediately pull out a blotting sheet or powder.


Now that I work from home most days, I’m all about finding looks that are comfortable but still pulled together. I don’t want to put on “work clothes” if I don’t have to, but I also don’t plan on working in my pajamas — especially since I typically spend at least half the day working from the coworking spaces in my building. Dressed up sweatshirts like this twist-front sweatshirt from J.Crew and moto leggings, which I find just a bit more pulled together than plain leggings, are now my go to look.


I decided to throw in one more Clarins product that didn’t seem like it would need a full post, but that I still wanted to share with y’all. I’m always on the hunt for great hand creams — and always trying to be better about remember to use them — and I’m hooked on this Clarins Hand and Nail Treatment Cream. Softening my hands, moisturizing my nail beds, and leaving behind a lightly scented, clean feeling, it has earned a permanent spot in my bag.


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