Vintage Faux Fur: A Shopping Guide

In my outfit post earlier this week, I shared the fabulous vintage faux fur coat I picked up earlier this month and I promised a look into how I found this vintage coat and tips and tricks for discovering your own. I’m a huge fan of vintage and secondhand clothes, so I’m so excited for this post today!


Because no one else will have the exact same one, duh. But seriously, that’s one of my number one reasons to buy vintage and secondhand pieces. I love finding something that I know I won’t see on every blogger over the next few months. While I prefer to go way back with vintage, even secondhand options are great — the coat in this December outfit post is probably just from a couple years ago, but I’m likely never going to run into someone else wearing it.

Also, I’ve found that vintage faux fur coats are far more well made than current versions. They were lined with gorgeous fabrics and had embroidered monograms on the inside just like the real deal. While I may love the Zara faux fur coat I bought this year, I’d be lying if I said the lining didn’t feel a little chintzy. Not the case with this vintage number.



I’ll start off by saying, if real fur doesn’t offend you, you can get a great deal on vintage fur. The one I picked up is faux, but I’m not opposed to vintage fur. Obviously, with fur, you’ll want to make sure it is in good shape, hasn’t been affected by pests, etc. Okay, now on to vintage faux fur.

When I’m buying vintage, I want it to look retro. I want it to have some personality and look like I came upon it in an awesome little shop in a hip downtown (you know, like I did with this one!) For something that’s practical, you’ll want to stick to a few lengths. Cropped, hip length, or full length. I absolutely love my cropped faux fur jacket for a trendy evening out, but when it comes to a more functionally warm length for wearing around town, this hip length is perfect. While I haven’t added a full-length jacket to my wardrobe, that’s a dream for formal event and truly freezing days.

Look for slit pockets that blend in with the jacket. You don’t want pockets adding bulk to a faux fur jacket. Then, look at the buttons. Typically, vintage fur and faux fur coats have hook and eye closures for a seamless appearance. I actually loved the gold and black buttons on this coat, so I made an exception and veered away from the traditional retro look. When it comes to the collar, you’ll likely find either a stand-up collar or a shawl collar. With this coat, the shawl collar gives it a slightly more informal style, and that’s just what I wanted

Curious about what the different color and styles of faux fur are meant to imitate? The chart halfway down the page on this buying guide does a deep dive into the various furs you’ll come across.



Where to look! This is the area I really wanted to help y’all with! Because, honestly, the look is totally up to personal opinion. So I bought this coat at a vintage store. I love being able to touch all the different fabrics, see the condition first hand, try them on, see exactly what I’m getting. It’s also a great to make an impulse buy on a vintage faux fur jacket as has happened to me a few times now. One minute you’re strolling around a downtown area on vacation, the next you’re in a vintage store, and then you’re walking out as the new owner of a fabulous coat. Whoops.

However, if you’re looking for a deal, you need to go straight to Etsy. It is insane the prices you can find on great condition vintage faux fur online. Why would you ever pay $150 for a new faux fur coat when you can find a beautifully made vintage version for $50? I’ve pulled a ton of examples for you above and you can click on each one to go straight to the listing. Happy shopping and stay warm!


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